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Rich and spicy, the new blend of La Aroma de Cuba is now handmade in Nicaragua by Pepin Garcia. The new cigar features gorgeous c ...
Price/Single: $4.45-$6.55
Price/Box: $87.95-$155.95
La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva is handmade for Ashton by Pepin and Jaime Garcia in Nicaragua, using a stunning dark "Oscuro" Me ...
Price/Single: $8.80-$9.45
Price/Box: $209.95-$225.95
The first limited edition cigar by La Aroma de Cuba is the Toro shape Noblesse. Handmade in the My Father factory in Nicaragua us ...
Price/Single: $14.00-$16.00
Price/Box: $301.95-$344.95
In 2003, La Aurora celebrated the milestone of 100 years of their factory with the award-winning La Aurora 100 Años. La Aurora 10 ...
Price/Single: $10.80-$15.60
Price/Box: $265.95-$351.00
Created by Jose Blanco, this cigar is a blend of Ecuador Sumatra Sun Grown wrapper, Dominican Corojo Binder and Dominican piloto ...
Price/Box: $129.15-$130.60
This cigar is the culmination of the skill and craft of three generations of exper cigar-making. Master rollers carefully shape t ...
Price/Single: $15.55-$18.00
Price/Box: $108.95-$249.95
Preferidos Maduro are handcrafted using only sun-grown leaves from the same priming of plants grown on the rich soil of Santiago. ...
Price/Single: $10.25-$18.00
Price/Box: $109.95-$249.95
La Flor Dominicana 1994, released in 2014, is the cigar created by the company to commemorate Ines and Litto's 20th anniversary i ...
Price/Single: $7.70-$8.50
Price/Box: $138.60-$153.00
The full bodied Air Bender lives up to LFD's reputation for power and spice. The blend is comprised of Dominican filler and binde ...
Price/Single: $6.90-$8.30
Price/Box: $136.80-$165.60
When La Flor Dominicana retired the LFD 2000 Series from the market, the one cigar that remained was the La Flor Dominicana Camer ...
Price/Single: $5.20-$8.35
Price/Box: $112.32-$190.08
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