Fratello Vice Versa

The Fratello Vice Versa is a cigar that gives you freedom of choice. Do you want your cigar to start off full and spicy? You got it! Or do you want something on the smooth and mild side? Not a problem. Fratello brand owner Omar Frias has crafted a cigar that features a light-colored cap and a dark-colored cap on each end. To enjoy this uniquely crafted cigar, you need to cut both ends. Then light the end that will suit the profile your palate is craving. If you light the dark cap, the cigar will start out bold and spicy. If you light the lighter-colored cap, the cigar’s first few puffs will be smooth and mild. It’s all up to you. To make it even easier to choose, the band is color-coded. The yellow side is mild, and the red side is full. Now pick your side and start smoking.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
  • Binder
  • Filler
    USA Pennsylvania
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    La Aurora
Churchill, Mixed, Natural, from Dominican Republic
Fratello Vice Versa 7 * 52
Pack of 12$180.00$153.95
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Ships 05/28
In Stock
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Questions & Answers
6 reviews
Rated 4.08by 12 Aficionados
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Ben H.06/05/2023About: Fratello Vice Versa 7" * 52
Great smoke!! only reason for a 4 on taste, was cause I started mild and went full. Deff prefer the full to mild way.
Josue M.05/02/2023About: Fratello Vice Versa 7" * 52
Cool cigar
Junior S.04/23/2023About: Fratello Vice Versa 7" * 52
Was shocked by this cigar, wasn't expecting much. Great flavors and transitions from inch to inch.
Noah M.04/19/2023About: Fratello Vice Versa 7" * 52
Got a few of these sticks to try them out. I thought the concept of them was pretty catchy but I soon ran into issues with draw and burn. The draw isn’t very consistent from stick to stick and I don’t believe I will be getting these again because of the price point.
Alex Coleman 04/14/2023About: Fratello Vice Versa 7" * 52
Timothy M.03/30/2023About: Fratello Vice Versa 7" * 52
Interesting cigar, very good smoke