Oscar Valladares Cigars

Hailing from Danli, Honduras, Oscar Valladares Cigars opened its doors in 2012 with a cigar aptly named '2012'. Founded by Oscar Valladares, his brother Hector, and Bayron Duarte, Oscar himself worked for Rocky Patel for 9 years before his own brand came to be, and quickly found massive success due to his unique packaging ideas and meticulous attention to detail. Featuring the beloved 'Leaf by Oscar' series along with the gourmet 'The Oscar' line, the Oscar Valladares brand is officially here to stay, much to the delight of the smoking community.

Leaf by Oscar

Leaf by Oscar is an extremely unique boutique cigar that will grab your attention before you've even seen the actual cigar itself. Wrapped in a rustic-looking tobacco leaf (hence the name), Leaf by Oscar is available in a wide variety of sizes and wrapper options to appeal to just about any kind of smoker. Blended by Oscar Valladares, these Honduran wonders are here to stay, and don't for one second think of them as a gimmick; they are just as captivating to smoke as they are to look at.
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