Liga Privada Aniversario

Ten years is a landmark amount of time for just about anything, but when it comes to beloved cigar brands, the occasion calls for an extra special type of celebration. The Liga Privada Aniversario pays tribute to an entire decade of cigar excellence, honoring Drew Estate's praised Liga Privada line, featuring a new and exclusive Criollo wrapper from the Connecticut River Valley on top of a Mexican San Andres binder and premium Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers. Only 1,000 boxes of 10 will be produced, so don't dare let this one be an anniversary you forget about.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder
    Mexican San Andres
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Drew Estate
Toro, Full, Maduro, from Nicaragua
Liga Privada Aniversario Toro 6 * 52
Box of 10$183.00
Purchase allowed in-store only. 3 singles per customer.
Purchase allowed in-store only. 3 singles per customer.
Questions & Answers
Ernest Lubin Jr  Is there a waiting list for ordering them?
Posted 9/7/2022   
  •  Due to the very limited nature of this cigar, there is no wait list feature available.
    Replied 9/8/2022  
  • Ernest Lubin Jr  Okay...thank you.
    Replied 9/8/2022  
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DeAngelo Bruce  Are these available for order online?
Posted 9/1/2022   
  •  If you are interested in these, please give us a call at 1-800-655-3385 so that we may assist you.
    Replied 9/1/2022  
  • (optional)
Armando  How can I purchase a box
Posted 8/31/2022   
  •  Due to limited availability, these are restricted to 3 sticks per customer.
    Replied 9/1/2022  
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Steve Mann  Am I able to order a full box of these?
Posted 8/26/2022   
  •  These are limited to 3 singles per customer.
    Replied 8/27/2022  
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Billy Miramontes  With these being a regular production item, will we be able to purchase a box online?
Posted 6/23/2022   
  •  Hi Billy! It will depend on the supply that is available. We do not know at this time what that will look like.
    Replied 6/24/2022  
  • (optional)
Jerome Crawford  Can I buy a single when t hey are available again?
Posted 8/7/2020   
  •  At this time we do not expect these cigars to come back in stock
    Replied 8/7/2020  
  • (optional)
Preston  Any estimate on when they’ll be back in stock?
Posted 5/23/2020   
  •  At this time we do not expect these cigars to come back in stock.
    Replied 5/24/2020  
  • (optional)
Rich Scaccio  Please let me know when these arrive. I would like a box.
Posted 4/16/2020   
  •  We do not expect these to be sold by the box but we will let you know when they arrive.
    Replied 4/17/2020  
  • Anonymous  Thanks
    Replied 4/17/2020  
  • (optional)
scott Silverman  Please notifiy me when available. I would like a box. Please
Posted 12/20/2019   
  •  Unfortunately, I do not believe we will be receiving these any time soon
    Replied 12/21/2019  
  • Rich Scaccio  Please notify me when they arrive. I would like a box of these cigars. thank you.
    Replied 4/16/2020  
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Anonymous  Have these become available yet? Or still waiting on their arrival?
Posted 7/23/2018   
  •  This cigar has not yet landed at Neptune Cigar. Be sure to click on "email me when available" so you can receive notification when they do arrive.
    Replied 7/24/2018  
  • Anonymous  Are these this years anniversary cigar ?
    Replied 7/22/2019  
  •  This cigar was launched in 2018. We here at Neptune Cigar have not yet received it.
    Replied 7/23/2019  
  • scott Silverman  email when available please. I would like a box
    Replied 12/20/2019  
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6 reviews
How reviewers describe Liga Privada Aniversario
Rated 4.69by 87 Aficionados
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Peter V.09/29/2022About: Liga Privada Aniversario Toro 6" * 52
this is an example of Drew Estates perfection over the years.. outstanding!
scott w.09/23/2022About: Liga Privada Aniversario Toro 6" * 52
good limited edition, very settle notes of dark choc, and white pepper.
09/14/2022About: Liga Privada Aniversario Toro 6" * 52
As far as cigars go it doesn't get any better than Liga Privada Aniversaro, smooth as silk, and a taste like no other
Paul B.09/03/2022About: Liga Privada Aniversario Toro 6" * 52
Drew estate always Excellent ….thank you Neptune for always having the hard to get stuff ??
Billy M.06/14/2022About: Liga Privada Aniversario Toro 6" * 52
I was lucky enough to purchase, these are ALWAYS in demand, wish they sold more online
Bakhodir S.05/17/2022About: Liga Privada Aniversario Toro 6" * 52
really beautifully crafted cigar ill wait few months before I light this one