EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance

Pursuing the American Dream has been in the Perez-Carrillo family’s DNA for several generations. from, their humble beginnings as Cuban immigrants in the USA to building a globally recognized cigar brand, which has won numerous industry accolades as well as a loyal fanbase. The EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance cigar was crafted as a tribute to the USA, the spirit of the American Dream, and those who pursue it. The cigar’s filler consists of a blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and USA premium tobacco leaves, which are housed in an Ecuadorian Connecticut binder, and finally cloaked by a mouthwatering USA Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. This specially arranged four-nation blend exudes a cigar that’s not only rich in complexity but expertly balances flavor and strength. The Perez-Carrillo family invites you to make a pledge and align your palate to the deep flavors and rich aroma of the EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder
    Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Tabacalera Alianza
Toro, Full, Maduro, from Dominican Republic
EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 Toro 6 * 54
Box of 10$200.00
Sold Out
Questions & Answers
Junior L Saez  Will you be getting more in soon?
Posted 6/30/2023   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Regrettably we are not expecting any more of these anytime soon.
    Replied 7/1/2023  
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8 reviews
Rated 4.52by 23 Aficionados
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Lisa W.07/10/2023About: EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 Toro 6" * 54
Got my hands on 1 and smoked it on the 4th. Great cigar.
Nick G.07/06/2023About: EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 Toro 6" * 54
Very elegant cigar with a nice draw
Scott M.07/06/2023About: EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 Toro 6" * 54
I want to congratulate EP Carrillo, the combination of the Pledge and Allegiance worked perfectly. This is now one of my top 5 cigars
Roy A.07/05/2023About: EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 Toro 6" * 54
Carrillo is my signature cigar. Never disappoints.
Evan S.07/05/2023About: EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 Toro 6" * 54
I was pleasantly surprised by the blend. Much better than the recent Platinum Bash cigar. It's basically a Pledge Prequel with a smoother taste and aroma. But has some earthiness to it like the Platinum Bash but not as strong to balance out the rest. A+
Cesar B.07/05/2023About: EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 Toro 6" * 54
This starts with a bang of spice but then goes very dark.
Craig B.07/04/2023About: EP Carrillo Pledge of Allegiance 2023 Toro 6" * 54
I was lucky enough to get a box. Was glad I did as it seems they sold out everywhere in less than a day. As expected- perfect. Burn great, draw great, aroma taste great. And what a great look and label too! It’s unfortunate that they are only limited. This box will not last long! It’s even better than the allegiance wingman which I didn’t think possible. My score 99.99 (.01 deducted for being limited!) If you can find one get it, fantastic smoke.