Security Policy

Is the information I provide on your website secure?

Encrypted Transactions

We guarantee that every transaction made at is 100% secure. Every time sensitive information such as credit card number, name, and address is exchanged between your computer and our server, the communication is automatically encrypted with SSL3, the safest encryption method to date. Thus, the information cannot be read by anyone while being transmitted via the Internet. All credit card account numbers are cleared from our database once the orders are processed unless you choose to save your credit card information. meets the security recommendations of the Department of Homeland Security's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) and passes the FBI's Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities test. Our entire network and website is PCI compliant and we do follow best security practices.

If You Receive a New Login Alert

To protect your account, Neptune sends you a notification if your account is signed in to from a new device or browser. This doesn’t necessarily mean your account has been compromised. If you recently signed in from this device or browser, you may have cleared your cookies or cache since your last sign-in. If you receive an email from us alerting you to a new sign in and you’re sure that you have not signed in recently, we recommend that you reset your password. We also recommend that you reset the password of the email account associated with your Neptune account. If you receive an email, letter, phone call or text message which seems suspicious, do not reply or respond and do not provide any personal information. You can contact us via Live Chat, contact us page on our website, email, or to our toll free number 1-800-655-3385 to report any suspicious activity.

Credit Card Fraud Notice

In order to prevent credit card fraud, we do not process automated address verification. Every order is verified and shipped manually by our staff. If shipping and billing addresses are different, we will confirm the authenticity of the order with the cardholder, both for the cardholder's and company's protection. Any order without a valid phone number for the billing party will not be processed. Do not use toll free, cell phone or pager numbers as directory assistance is also used to validate that the billing party exists at the address specified. While shopping at, your IP address will be monitored. Any fraudulent credit card use attempt will be notified to IFCC/FBI.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are transferred to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser to enable our systems to recognize your browser and to provide features such as personalization, recognition, and storage of items in your Shopping Cart. We recommend that you allow cookies on your computer in order to take full advantage of some of our website's coolest features.

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