Aladino Sumatra

A limited production release, the Aladino Sumatra features a savory Sumatra-seed maduro wrapper, which was grown on the JRE Tobacco Farm in Honduras. Inside this awesome wrapper is a binder and filler made of premium Honduran tobacco. The cigars are hand crafted in Honduras at the JRE Tobacco Co. factory.
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  • Strength
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  • Wrapper
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    JRE Tobacco Company
Toro, Medium, Maduro, from Honduras
Aladino Sumatra Toro 6 * 52
Box of 20$320.00
In Stock
Ships 04/15
In Stock
Ships 04/15
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9 reviews
Rated 3.86by 14 Aficionados
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Eric S.04/03/2024About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52
Very nice
Alexander B.02/03/2024About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52
Bought this on a total whim after a buddy of mine told me to try it out. Not necessarily someone who smokes a ton of Sumatra wrapped cigars but let me tell you….this one is 10/10. Absolutely delicious and perfect construction. Smoked one and immediately ordered more. Don’t sleep on this Aladino gem!
Randy G.01/31/2024About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52
All around good smoke. Glad I tried it through Neptune’s Monthly Club. Good price point. I did not care for the white tissue wrapper…was difficult to remove.
William R.01/22/2024About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52
A great “go to” cigar!
Norberto H.12/09/2023About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52
Great draw and taste. First time as a beginner and it was really goid.
Gary R.12/08/2023About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52
Worth a fiver
Luis N.11/20/2023About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52
This week, I decided to review the Aladino Sumatra Toro. This toro cigar is a limited edition featuring a Sumatra-seed wrapper. This wrapper varietal promises earthy, somewhat spicy flavors and a sweet aftertaste. The dry draw had clear notes of wood and leather. The first third is sweet with a slight spice and woody, almost caramel-like flavors. It’s a promising cigar with a good consistency to the smoke. Into the second and third, the spice dies down and is replaced with more of that honey-sweet. Additionally, an earthy and woody aroma comes through, along with a prominent aftertaste of coffee. The cigar was a pleasant experience, with Aladino's consistently excellent construction and a solid ash buildup. I would describe its profile as medium to medium full. And because of the earthy notes and lingering aftertaste, I think something to cut through that would be ideal. For me, that would be a Scotch on the rocks.
Yu Z.11/09/2023About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52
great cigar
Subrata B.10/23/2023About: Aladino Sumatra Toro 6" * 52