Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo

The Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition is definitely the type of cigar you light up on a special occasion. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a raise, or a newborn, this full-bodied Dominican stick will allow you to do so correctly. Utilizing a gorgeous 5-year old Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper on top of an aged Cameroon binder and premium Dominican filler, hearty notes of cocoa and coffee will please your taste buds, while the beautiful frosted glass tube and velvet-covered box assures the smoker they're in for an incomparable experience. Whether it is for a friend or for yourself, this is one of the best gifts one can give.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Gurkha Cigars
Double Corona, Full, Maduro, from Dominican Republic
Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 71/2 * 52
Box of 20$1133.00
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In Stock
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Questions & Answers
Anonymous  may i know price of gurkha black dragon tubos 2006 flavour full body
Posted 1/28/2019   
  •  We're unsure of the price of the 2006 Black Dragon. This is something that is no longer available for purchase.
    Replied 1/28/2019  
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Serkan Gürsoy   Do you ship to Turkey?
Posted 6/8/2018   
  •  Unfortunately, we are not able to ship cigars to Turkey.
    Replied 6/8/2018  
  • Anonymous  Why don't you ship to Turkey? Most of us want to buy cigars from your site. You can do something with our request. I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible
    Replied 6/8/2018  
  • Allison Petitt  There are restrictions on cigars when shipping to Turkey. Check in with your local Customs offer to find out what the limitations are, necessary documents and tax rates. If you would like to proceed with an order, please let us know by emailing
    Replied 6/8/2018  
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Mirzet  Can i get any coupon on thia order ?
Posted 5/11/2018   
  •  Hi Mirzet, there are no active coupon codes at this time. Be sure to register for an account so that you can earn Smoke Rings for your purchase.
    Replied 5/15/2018  
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Carolin  Is it possible to Send a single one to germany? Greets
Posted 8/14/2017   
  •  Unfortuantely, we are unable to ship to Germany.
    Replied 8/15/2017  
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Frank  what email address do i send it to? This doesn't give me a option to attach pictures
Posted 7/19/2017   
  •  Please email:
    Replied 7/19/2017  
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Frank  I have a cigar that looks like the Black Dragon. It's even in the glass tube. I've had it for several years, but I don't remember when or where I got it. I also don't remember paying $30 or more for it. We're there fakes?
Posted 7/17/2017   
  •  Please send us a picture of the cigar and we will try to identify it for you.
    Replied 7/17/2017  
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Benjamin van den Brakel  He there, do you guys ship to the netherlands ? It so hard to find Gurkha cigars around here. Thanks
Posted 2/5/2017   
  • Anonymous  yes the will, heb het al geprobeerd ;-)
    Replied 2/5/2017  
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10 reviews
How reviewers describe Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo
Rated 4.35by 79 Aficionados
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About: Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 7"1/2 * 52
Cigar was fantastic. Good draw, earthy and leather flavor. The tube looks awesome. Great smoke. Glad I bought a few
About: Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 7"1/2 * 52
Great smoke. Smooth finish of leather and earth that last through the finish
About: Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 7"1/2 * 52
How can one write a review on something magical? - After all, we are talking about taming a Dragon! Simply, the price of the cigar scares many away, but since I have already celebrated my 25th birthday twice I have adopted a why not outlook! I tortured myself for 6-8 weeks, looking at the box, the glass holder and wondering if anyone can provide some actual feedback on the smoke - this was fruitless! So yesterday I grabbed the last 3 sticks displayed to enjoy at a BBQ later in the day. The time came and we paired it with some Woodford Reserve. Words can’t do the smoke justice! Smooth from the initial light and throughout until the last drag. Comments from my buddies were very basic but spoke volumes - a simple “this is a very good cigar”. I highly recommend the indulgence, forget the price because you are worth it!
About: Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 7"1/2 * 52
The tubo is full of luxury. The tasty is very good!
About: Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 7"1/2 * 52
Excellent cigar. Well worth the purchase.
About: Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 7"1/2 * 52
A rare treat considering the price. But didn't let me down. Lovely cigar.
About: Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 7"1/2 * 52
Great it’s a Gurkha what more can I say!
About: Gurkha Black Dragon Special Edition Tubo 7"1/2 * 52
beautiful packaging as Gurkha is known for, first third was ok but the second third was amazing! had a kind of creamy/nutty taste. did smoke it half way through the last third but then the flavor changed. will buy another stick just to check the consistency.