Gurkha Havana Legend

The Gurkha brand has always been synonymous of one-of-a-kind experience that appeals to all senses, from the beauty, taste and excellent craftsmanship of every cigar, to the spectacular packaging. Looking to further expand their appeal, three new lines have been launched in 2009, packaged in beautiful embossed tins of 20, and at the lowest price you will find for a genuine Gurkha. One of these lines, the Gurkha Havana Legend is a full bodied smoke and "not for the novice".
This carefully selected sampler comes with six of the most popular cigars from this iconic brand. Each sealed-for-freshness pack comes with one (1) each, toro-sized: • Gurkha Havana Legend – a medium-bodied cigar with a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and packed with nutty and earthy flavors. It is the perfect everyday smoke. • Gurkha Royal Challenge – this medium-strength cigar sports a buttery Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper and delivers palate-pleasing notes of cedar, caramel, and citrus. • Gurkha Heritage – featuring a gorgeous Ecuadorian Habano wrapper this traditional medium to full-bodied cigar offers a rich complex profile with notes of earth, hay, and cedar. • Gurkha Cellar Reserve Platinum 12 Year – made of carefully aged tobacco this medium-bodied stick sports a warm brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapped and provides a pleasant smoking experience with notes of sweetness and nuttiness. • Gurkha Marquesa – this delightful medium-bodied cigar features a smooth, brown Sumatra wrapper, and provides a delicious smoking indulgence with its notes of roasted nuts, saltiness, and natural tobacco sweetness. • Gurkha Castle Hall Habano – a medium-bodied stick, it features a rustic, reddish Habano wrapper and offers a delightful profile with its earthy, woodsy, and spicy notes.
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