Acid 20 Connecticut

For more than 20 years, Drew Estate’s Acid brand has been enjoyed by veteran and novice cigar aficionados alike. In 2019, the Acid 20 was released to commemorate this iconic brand’s 20th Anniversary amidst a grand celebration. To continue the party, Drew Estate released the Acid 20 Connecticut, which features a beautiful, smooth light-tan Connecticut Shade wrapper expertly draped over an Indonesian binder and a filler composed of top-shelf Nicaraguan tobacco. This awesome blend offers a memorable smoking experience that will stay with you for years to come. The cigars are handmade at the La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Nicaragua.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Shade
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Drew Estate
Toro, Medium, Claro, from Nicaragua
Acid 20 Connecticut Toro 6 * 54
Box of 20$215.00
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Ships 02/06
In Stock
Ships 02/06
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8 reviews
Rated 4.13by 23 Aficionados
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Aaron W.09/23/2022About: Acid 20 Connecticut Toro 6" * 54
The Maduro is much better. I normally prefer Connecticuts over everything else; Acid 20 is an exception. So go ahead and pick a few up, they are still good cigars. The woody/floral/spiced infusion here is much lighter than other Acid cigars and sounds great on paper like it would be a lighter version of the regular Acid Twenty. Drew Estate made a great Maduro with the initial release of the ACID Twenty and the darker wrapper flavours are complimentary with the blend making a very interesting maduro cigar. The Connecticut however somehow doesn't seem to balance quite right, and I suspect this may be why it wasn't part of the initial release and isn't as widely carried.
Raynell C.04/11/2022About: Acid 20 Connecticut Toro 6" * 54
I was super impressed with this stick. This is probably the only ACID I like.
D B.04/01/2022About: Acid 20 Connecticut Toro 6" * 54
If you like flavor infusion, this Acid cigars is the way to go. Not my preference!
Anthony M.03/19/2022About: Acid 20 Connecticut Toro 6" * 54
Pretty good mellow cigar, reminds me of the blue line maybe a little less sweet
David W.03/16/2022About: Acid 20 Connecticut Toro 6" * 54
I was excited when these were first released as I have smoked a lot of the first iteration, and every time I have smoked this Connecticut blend, it hits the right spot. Before you even remove it from the cellophane, you can already smell the sweet traditional Acid aroma. Cutting the cigar was clean as I used my trusty Xikar Xi2 cutter and my Acid single torch event lighter. After the first puff, I was met with a very sweet cap and beautifully smooth smoke with a full body of flavor. I really enjoy smoking these cigars because it opens my palate by the process in which they create the cigars with. The first third had the essence of a mixed cocktail. It has a lot of smoke that is very easy on the retro-hale a large puff and leaves a great after taste. Half way into the cigar it changed to a dark wet sweet wine with some bread crumbs taste. As I smoke it into the last third, the smoke keeps getting smoother. After I took the band off and smoked it another inch, I felt as though I had just eaten some breakfast toast with mixed jelly. The flavor has changed to more toasty bread with blueberry and strawberry type notes. The aged tobacco is the dominant part of the cigar now with hints of sweetness and it no longer had the sweet cap. It burned perfectly for a grand total of an hour and 5 minutes. I highly suggest drinking a sweet mixed drink or simple spring water with this cigar. Now go get one and experience the Rebirth of Cigars!
Christian S.02/28/2022About: Acid 20 Connecticut Toro 6" * 54
This cigar is a total letdown. I smoked four of them. The pre light aroma is very nice. The initial smoke tasted pretty good, albeit very mild. It is super smooth and like I said, flavors are extremely mild. There is absolutely no nicotine. The whole cigar is so mild in flavor that it got downright boring. I felt like it needed something to kick it up a notch. I will never smoke it again and do not recommend it. This is a Drew Estate dud!
Leonard R.02/25/2022About: Acid 20 Connecticut Toro 6" * 54
Very nice smooth smoke!