Tatuaje TAA

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  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    My Father Cigars
Toro, Medium, Maduro, from Nicaragua
Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 61/4 * 50
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Anonymous  Can we pre-order the Tatuaje TAA 2016's?
Posted 6/8/2016   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Yes, Select "Backorder" to submit your order.
    Replied 6/8/2016  
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9 reviews
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About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
The unsmoked smell on this is amazing. The wrapper Was a little r Ugh looking and the cap wasn't completely sealed, but the cutter took care of that at which point it was smooth sailing. Wonderful aroma and taste. Wish I could compare to last year's.
About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
This stick is top of its class. I was first given 2 of these by a friend. I smoked one and gave the other to another friend...at that point it was over, the hunt was on! I normally stick to the Robusto or Corona arena, but this made me a believer. The pre-light draw was smooth and I tasted earthy flavors. Rich oily wrapper with wonderful white smoke and a solid gray ash. Maintenance you ask...none, zero, zilch. Burn was picture worthy (which I did). Always a cool draw and I smoke them down to a nub. Only reason I put it down then is my fingers are burning. Sad, I know. I keep a variety cigars (around 120+/-) in my humidor, primarily Mexican San Andreas wrappers that are medium to full, the TAA is definitely in my top 5 smokes. I will keep ordering these till they run out. I like pairing with an Abita Rootbeer which has a mild spice after taste. It pairs well with the smoothness of the TAA 2016. Worth try if you haven't.
About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
Not as impressed with this as I thought I'd be but still a decent smoke.
About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
Excellent cigar.
About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
Solid medium body smooth cigar, absolutely loved it from start to finish. I wish i would have purchased more of these. The burn was beautiful!
About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
Excellent taste
About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
One of the best cigars I have had all year. Incredible flavor, burn, draw. Reminds me of the 2012 edition of TAA
About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
Good smoke. Highly enjoyable.
About: Tatuaje TAA 2016 Toro 6"1/4 * 50
The Tatuaje TAA 2016 is an excellent smoke and I recommend all Tatuaje and full bodied fans to give it a shot. The cigar comes in a perfectly seamless and glittery broadleaf wrapper. On top of that, it has an unfinished foot which gives it a shaggy appearance and makes it a breeze to light. Upon lighting, I experienced a very spicy and peppery taste which was much to my liking. The draw opened up immediately after burning through the toasted foot. Entering the second third I had to make some minor touch ups with my lighter. The spice and pepper died down and welcomed the toasty, earthy and slightly sweet favors often attributed to broadleaf wrappers. As I entered the final third, the spiciness returned and I really noticed how overwhelmingly full bodied this cigar really was. It took me about ninety minutes to smoke the cigar. Being a creature of habit with my usual full bodied cigars (Padrón 1926 Maduro, Partagás D 4 and La Flor Dominicana Air Bender), I am often hesitant to try new sticks and let alone smoke them a second time. However, I will certainly be getting a few more of these to keep in the humidor. The Tatuaje TAA 2016 is limited to 4,000 20 count boxes and can only be found in the 80 TAA retailers throughout the United States. I suggest you try to get your hands on one sooner than later, as these sticks might not be around for much longer.