El Mago El Cubano

The El Mago El Cubano cigar line was created to honor Cuban and Miami-Cuban history and culture, and of course cigars. In addition, the cigar brand was made to honor Nicholas Fusco’s grandparents, Gonzalo and Maria, who tragically perished when their condominium collapsed. The El Cubano cigar is branded with a Cuban-inspired theme. It uses Cuban-seed tobaccos.
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    USA Connecticut Shade
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Toro, Medium, Claro, from Nicaragua
El Mago El Cubano Toro Tubo 6 * 52
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Questions & Answers
charlie o  very interested in this stick, my question is how would i hold it in my humidor alongside other cigars? in tube or out of tube, tha k you in advance
Posted 10/10/2023   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  You can store this cigar either with or without the tube with no issues.
    Replied 10/11/2023  
  • charlie o  thank you once again neptune
    Replied 10/11/2023  
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Perry Perkins  I guess I worded it wrong, I do know that Cuban cigars are illegal here, I want to know if they taste and are as good as a genuine Cuban?
Posted 9/8/2023   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Taste is one of those tricky things that is subjective. Something that tastes great to me, might not appeal to you, and vice versa. In my humble opinion however, these are fine cigars.
    Replied 9/10/2023  
  • Perry Perkins  All of the senses are subjective from one person to another. Your reply doesn’t answer my question but that’s ok. Thanks anyway and thanks for pointing out that our DNA’s are different therefore giving each and everyone of us subjective experiences.
    Replied 9/10/2023  
  • Andrew Guthrie  You didn't word it wrong Perry; You just aren't asking a question that makes any sense to be honest... I'd like to point out that there are many brands of ACTUAL Cuban cigars and they are different. You are implying that they all taste the same. Maybe don't criticize their answer until you can ask a real question. Cubans are nothing special really. Maybe try an Opus X some time haha!
    Replied 11/9/2023  
  • Perry Perkins  Thank you all for your responses.
    Replied 11/14/2023  
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