About El Mago Cigars

Gonzalo and Maria Torre lost their lives when their condominium collapsed in Miami, Florida in June of 2021. One year later, their grandson, Nicholas Fusco, founded El Mago Cigars to honor his grandparents and the many obstacles they faced throughout their lives. 

Gonzalo was fond of cigars, and he introduced Nicholas to his first cigar when he was 16 years old. Fusco’s grandparents where Cuban immigrants who fled Castro’s Cuba by way of Czechoslovakia, Canada, and Venezuela before settling in Miami.  The couple had to keep reinventing themselves almost magically. In fact, the brand is called “El Mago,” which is Spanish for “the wizard.” It is also the first two letters of Maria and Gonzalo’s first names. 

Eventually, they ended up owning and operating the James Hotel on Miami Beach. The cigar’s packaging features a picture of Gonzalo and Maria in front of their hotel. If you want to enjoy a flavorful cigar with an enchanting back story, click  El Mago Cigars.

Published on 1/27/2023