Litto Gomez Diez

Litto Gomez, founder and owner of La Flor Dominicana cigars, made it a mission of his company to produce a Dominican puro with tobaccos grown exclusively in his farm of La Canela, Dominican Republic. At the time, growing Dominican wrapper was seen as a nearly impossible task. After many years of hard work, the cigar was ready to be released, and it became known as the Litto Gomez or LG cigar brand. This cigar has been highly rated and praised by the cigar industry ever since.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
    Colorado Maduro
  • Wrapper
  • Binder
    Dominican Republic
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    La Flor Dominicana
Toro, Full, Colorado Maduro, from Dominican Republic
Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 63/4 * 52
Box of 105$1995.00
Questions & Answers
Anonymous  Hi, does this stick come in a box of 20-30 rather then singles or 100?
Posted 12/4/2016   
  •  Unfortunately, no. You can put in a request when you order to have your singles placed in an empty cigar box if this helps.
    Replied 12/5/2016  
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9 reviews
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About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
A lot of flavor for the money! A very affordable cigar that delivers more than I expected!
About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
This may have been one of the smoothest smoking cigars I've ever had. Lots of smoke and lots of flavor. A must try for those looking for a premium smoke that doesn't disappoint.
About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
Great flavor..medium to full body smoke.
About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
Usually I like my Sticks to mature for at least a couple months before imbibing. Couldn't quite hold off that long with this one. Its hard to believe, even while enjoying it, that so much flavor could be in one stick. Very elegant cigar, in body, flavor & appearance. Was a very slow and steady burn right to the end. A quick Thank You to Neptune as well. Ive ordered a couple of LG Small Batch, a couple times now and each time they made sure the LG Small Batch was separate from the other Sticks (without asking, which is exactly how I store them). A great Stick from a great company
About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
Superb ,closest thing To a real Cuban Yegelwel
About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
Really enjoy this cigar. Wish it came in a larger ring gauge .
About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
Absolutely Delightful !
About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
This cigar starts off rich tobacco flavors and pepper tHan transitions into a cherry flavor bomb of smoothness. Than the last 3rd back to tobacco flavor and pepper. This has to be the best cigar I have ever had with a dark sweet profile.
About: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 6 6"3/4 * 52
Let's get this immediately out of the way: This cigar looks absolutely exquisite. Seriously, I didn't know whether to light it or bite into it. After admiring the oily, dark chocolate wrapper for entirely way too long, I finally began smoking, and after the first puff I knew that this cigar would not let me down. I expected a very full-bodied experience, and it delivered 100%. Once my tongue got used to the pepper blitz that came with the first few puffs, I quickly noticed that this is one POWERFUL stick. Trust me when I say, smoke slowly, and on a full stomach. Notes of cocoa dominate the palate, while pepper remains constant throughout. Aroma is rich and pleasing. Overall, this is a wonderfully constructed, unbelievably gorgeous, delicious tasting premium cigar, best saved for when you want something that, in my humble opinion, tips the scale on the strength spectrum. Enjoy!