Tiago Clasico Maduro

The Tiago Clasico Maduro is a line extension to the Tiago Clasico brand. It sports a dark Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper placed over a Nicaraguan binder and filler. The Tiago Clasico Maduro offers a smooth experience that is indicative of Pichardo’s special aging process. The cigar is handmade in Nicaragua at the Tabacalera Pichardo factory, which is co-owned and operated by Don Eradio Pichardo.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    Brazilian Arapiraca
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Luciano Tobaccos
Toro, Medium, Maduro, from Nicaragua
Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 61/2 * 50
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10 reviews
How reviewers describe Tiago Clasico Maduro
good flavor
Rated 3.96by 23 Aficionados
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Michael H.08/24/2023About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
Solid smoke. Would buy it again
JAO S.06/17/2023About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
Great rich flavor cigar.
Jeffrey C.11/02/2022About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
Surprising smoke, smoother than Umbagogg.
Eric S.05/23/2022About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
Decent cigar at best, don't really understand the hype.
Carl P.05/17/2022About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
WAAAYYY too tight... This was a staff recommendation. Roll was WAY too tight...each cigar in box needed paper-clip surgery...Should have sent the box back, but toughed it out for WAY too much $$$. Flavor, aroma was OK...
Shelly K.04/13/2022About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
I was wanting to smoke something different and new so as I walked through the store the Pichardo Clasico Maduro Toro spoke to me. This cigar is box pressed with simple banding and a beautiful dark chocolate Brazilian wrapper (one of my favorites). The cigar is made up of all Nicaraguan tobaccos for the binder and filler. The Pichardo Maduro is only offered in this one size -- 6 1/2 x 50 vitola. Upon first light, notes of mocha and light pepper are popping. Shortly after, theses notes were joined by citrus notes -- a delightful combination. Into the second third, there is a very nice balance between fruity notes and a nice creaminess. The sweetness begins to subside as well as the chocolate notes. Strong coffee notes come into play, while the citrus and pepper are in the background. Into the final third, the same notes were pretty much dominant to the very end. Some earthiness appeared as well as the citrus and woody notes amping back up. Construction throughout was perfect -- strong gray ash, great draw, and the cigar burned cool to the very end. No relighting was necessary. In terms of strength and body the Pichardo started off as a medium and ended as a medium to full in both. Overall I thoroughly loved this smoking journey!! The complexity was a medium plus and definitely kept my attention to the very end. One definitely needs to experience the Pichardo. U will enjoy as I did!! This was a very tasteful, smooth maduro.
Jon C.01/05/2022About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
Pretty good, had some tunneling issues. I'd try this again but won't go out of my way.
Will V.10/26/2021About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
Wow. I just checked these out for grins. Oh my god. Even burn, perfect pull, great flavour. I just bought five, but I see a box in my future.
Timothy M.10/04/2021About: Tiago Clasico Maduro Toro 6"1/2 * 50
Very good cigar for the price.