La Palina Mr. Sam

La Palina Mr. Sam is a Miami made cigar made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers. Mr. Sam is made in small batches at the El Titan de Bronze factory, a boutique factory in the heart of Little Havana. The company's patriarch, Sam Paley, named this cigar after the name he was affectionately called by his factory workers in the late 1800's, Mr. Sam. Today, it is his grandson who continues Mr. Sam's legacy of cigar making.
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    El Titan de Bronze
Robusto, Medium, Colorado, from USA
La Palina Mr. Sam Robusto 43/4 * 54
Box of 20$250.00
Toro, Medium, Colorado, from USA
La Palina Mr. Sam Toro 6 * 50
Box of 20$270.00
Questions & Answers
Anthony Towey  I’m curious, how many boxes of mr sam robustos are available?
Posted 5/25/2022   
  •  Thanks for contacting us Anthony. While I cannot disclose our exact inventory levels, we do have more than one box available at this time.
    Replied 5/26/2022  
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10 reviews
How reviewers describe La Palina Mr. Sam
good price
good construction
Rated 4.21by 143 Aficionados
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Nicholas Andrews06/25/2020About: La Palina Mr. Sam Toro 6" * 50
Not enough love is given to this cigar, a true aficionado will appreciate how delicious this is at a price point that is reasonable!
Daniel C.06/20/2020About: La Palina Mr. Sam Toro 6" * 50
Box worth
Jeff B.09/19/2019About: La Palina Mr. Sam Toro 6" * 50
Very nice smoke, you know you are smoking something over the regular La Palina line.
Charles M.06/27/2018About: La Palina Mr. Sam Robusto 4"3/4 * 54
beautiful golden brown smoke with a nice draw and even burn. Smells great and has a wonderful taste. really robust for a medium body smoke. One of my favorites.
Charles M.06/27/2018About: La Palina Mr. Sam Toro 6" * 50
I love La Palina. I've enjoyed everything they put out. This is a very good cigar, however, I'd recommend the robusto over the toro. The robusto is FIRE!
andres l.02/27/2017About: La Palina Mr. Sam Robusto 4"3/4 * 54
No major complaints, however this cigar just didn't do it for me as far as the taste. I found it quite uninteresting.
burton r.02/18/2017About: La Palina Mr. Sam Toro 6" * 50
Initially very easy, almost airy draw. Quite spicy. Burn is a little uneven. Spice recedes a bit in the 2nd third. Replaced with leather, woodsy quality. Becomes a smoother smoke with a hint of vanilla. On the whole, very enjoyable cigar.
Moe S.12/20/2016About: La Palina Mr. Sam Toro 6" * 50
Good cigar. Nice draw. Smooth, med/full taste.
Mari M.11/11/2016About: La Palina Mr. Sam Toro 6" * 50
This cigar has truly become one of my favorites. Visually it is classy and inviting, the dark wrapper, and the gold band contrasts beautifully and makes me dream of romance, poetry, and true love. The Ecuador wrapper blends perfectly with the Nicaraguan binder and filler, the result is a very tasty smoke with a nice aroma. Lighting the cigar was a nice experience; wood is the first note to hit my palate with a hint of pepper. Followed by a smooth chocolate flavor and an unexpected sweetness like molasses in the background. Some leather and cedar to complete the mix. This cigar is wonderful, it has everything: flawless construction, it's flavorful, has a perfect burning line, and a strong grey solid ash. A great cigar from the beginning to the very end.