Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Regular

The Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Regular is a more than century old brand that was originally made in Ybor City, Florida. It was one of the first brands to use the machine rolling method, and it was the first to use a birchwood tip. Today, this budget-friendly stick is made in Puerto Rico by Altadis U.S.A. The Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Regular has a warm mellow flavor and provides a great smoking experience at a very affordable price.
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    Altadis USA
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The Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Regular is a budget-friendly, mild cigarillo that is machine-made in the United States by Altadis, USA. Originally made in Tampa, Florida, the more than a century old brand is now being produced in Puerto Rico. Hav-A-Tampa delivers a warm mellow flavor, and it was the first cigar to use a wooden tip made of birch. This is a great everyday stogie that provides an enjoyable smoking experience without putting a dent in the wallet.
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