Alec Bradley Fine and Rare

When Alec Bradley decided to make a new cigar using 10 leaves of tobacco in one single cigar, he gave the task to the most experienced rollers at the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras. This was the beginning of the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare, a cigar that has more tobacco packed into it than any other regular cigar. The cigar features a Honduran Trojes wrapper leaf, a double binder of Honduran and Nicaraguan leaves, and seven long-filler tobaccos. The first Alec Bradley Fine and Rare was released in 2011.
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    Raices Cubanas
Toro, Medium, Natural, from Honduras
Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 61/2 * 56
Box of 10$219.00
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Ships 02/18
In Stock
Ships 02/18
Alec Bradley's Fine & Rare Ta-25A is made of 10 tobacco leaves, and this special Blender's Box contains, in addition to the 10 Fine and Rare 7" * 54 cigars, 10 small cigars, each made of the 10 component tobaccos. Each rustic, component cigar is packaged inside a glass tube. Smoke each one to see the taste that each of the 10 component tobaccos add to the final Fine & Rare blend. The cigars are made in Honduras by Raices Cubanas. Only 250 boxes were made.
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Questions & Answers
Patrick Delia  Is there a release date set for the 2018 JRS 10=(86) yet?
Posted 10/19/2018   
  •  Hi Patrick. From what we know, the 2018 Fine and Rare is set to arrive this month. There is not a specific date of arrival at this time.
    Replied 10/22/2018  
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Tyler Vachon  Will the BR12-13 2017 re-release be available?
Posted 10/12/2017   
  •  The Fine and rare should be available again by the end of this year/early next year.
    Replied 10/13/2017  
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Fernando  If I were to order these tonight, when would I receive them by? I'm located in NY Zip code 10567
Posted 12/21/2016   
  •  With Free Shipping you would receive them on December 27 or 28.
    Replied 12/21/2016  
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Dom H  hi does this product need to be kept in a humidor or is the box there in set up for it
Posted 7/20/2016   
  •  Ideally you would want to keep the cigars in a humidor. However, if you seasoned the wood on this box, you may be able to use it as a humidor.
    Replied 7/20/2016  
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Vijay Thacker  Looking to purchase this, Is the cigar box undamaged and can open/close without an issues?
Posted 7/2/2016   
  •  If you purchase the box, you are purchasing an un-opened, sealed product with no visible damage.
    Replied 7/5/2016  
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9 reviews
How reviewers describe Alec Bradley Fine and Rare
good price
good flavor
Rated 4.3by 119 Aficionados
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About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
Was at the naptune super store last month and pickup this cigar it and awesome smoke will order more
About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
Great cigar. Smooth and flavorful
About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
I ordered two of these and I was a little leery at first as paying over $20 for an Alec Bradley seems high to me, but I gave it a shot. When they arrived I put both in my Humidor for a few days to acclimate. The first one was nearly perfect. Easy, great draw, lots of tasty, creamy smoke and a near perfect burn. Two days after that I smoked the second one, or at least I tried to. The second one started off great but once the first third was done, the wrapper began to crack and peel, then ash looked like it was "flowering" and the draw became so tight that it become unsmokeable. Giving Alec bradley the benefit of the doubt, I smoked two other cigars that day from my humidor to make sure it wasn't the humidification. Well those two cigars from two other companies smoked just fine as they always do. Bottom line for my in my personal experiences with Alec Bradley are consistency issues with their cigars. I 'm either really unlucky or AB's quality control is garbage.
About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
I expected more of this AB ... taste was very light and draw somehow too tight...
About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
Probably one of the better cigars I've smoked this year. Extremely clean and easy pull. Well made stick.
About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
Beautiful smoke
About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
Delightful smoke.
About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
nice tasting cigar with a smooth draw
About: Alec Bradley Fine and Rare JRS-10 6"1/2 * 56
Awesome cigar, good complex taste the changes as you smoke.