Hiram & Solomon Unity

The Hiram & Solomon Unity is a medium strength cigar that is handmade at the Plasencia Cigars factory in Nicaragua. Its smooth natural wrapper covers a binder and filler made of tobaccos from an undisclosed origin. The Unity cigar was inspired by the expression "strength in unity". It is a special occasion cigar that was created in honor of Gregory J. Scott the Grand Marshall of Masons for the state of New Jersey. Hiram & Solomon Cigars' founders are members of the Freemasons, which is an organization that dedicates itself to doing charitable work.
The Hiram & Solomon Unity 4-Cigar Sampler contains four of this popular brand’s top smokes. Packed inside each sealed pack is one each, toro-sized: Grand Architect, Shriner, Unity, and Veiled Prophet. All are handmade in Nicaragua by Plasencia Cigars. Hiram & Solomon uses well-aged tobaccos and are known for being flavorful and balanced. The cigars are named after terms used by the Freemasons.
Ships 05/25 - 05/26
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