Espinosa Crema

Espinosa has typically focused on offering medium or full bodied blends, so, naturally, the widely-respected brand found it wise to introduce something on the other end of the spectrum as well. The Espinosa Crema sports an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper along with a Nicaraguan binder and premium Nicaraguan filler, and as its name not-so-subtly implies - this is one creamy smoke. Manufactured at Erik Espinosa's La Zona factory in Esteli, the Crema is a mild to medium-bodied stick that is perfect for those new to cigars, or even aficionados who simply want something light and smooth without compromising flavor. Notes of coffee, sweet cedar and citrus come together to provide a rich experience that easily holds its own with anything Espinosa has done before, or, with any of the other premium mild options available elsewhere.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
  • Binder
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    La Zona
Robusto, Mild, Claro, from Nicaragua
Espinosa Crema No. 4 Robusto 51/2 * 52
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Toro, Mild, Claro, from Nicaragua
Espinosa Crema No. 5 Toro 6 * 56
Box of 20$187.00
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9 reviews
How reviewers describe Espinosa Crema
good price
good flavor
full bodied
Rated 3.98by 66 Aficionados
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About: Espinosa Crema No. 5 Toro 6" * 56
Great Smoke. Definitely box worthy.
About: Espinosa Crema No. 5 Toro 6" * 56
Excellent smoke!!! Box worthy. I will buy again.
About: Espinosa Crema No. 4 Robusto 5"1/2 * 52
Nice will try again
About: Espinosa Crema No. 4 Robusto 5"1/2 * 52
Very creamy smoke, excellent with coffee.
About: Espinosa Crema No. 4 Robusto 5"1/2 * 52
I found this cigar to be excellent!!! Not complex but consistent all the way to the end. Great smoke. Box worthy. Will buy again.
About: Espinosa Crema No. 5 Toro 6" * 56
Lighter than I usually smoke but that is personal preference. Burn was great, draw was about perfect. Lots of creamy flavors. If you love a Connecticut this will hit the spot.
About: Espinosa Crema No. 5 Toro 6" * 56
Found this a little harsh at the beginning before it startled to settle down. Yes this is a creamy cigar with nuts, a little pepper and some coffee notes but can’t say I’m a fan.
About: Espinosa Crema No. 5 Toro 6" * 56
The Espinosa Crema is produced at the company’s La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. In addition to an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, the blend also incorporates Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper of the Espinosa Crema Toro had a light brown color with a slightly weathered look. At the same time, the wrapper was still quite aesthetically pleasing also with some visible veins. This Cigar have an open draw with cream and wood flavors early on. The sweetness settled into the background and had a slight orange citric component. I also detected a subtle black pepper note on the tongue. The resulting ash was a salt and pepper color. This ash was on the firm side and came off the cigar in clean chunks. Meanwhile the burn rate and burn temperature were ideal. This is a cigar that started out mild in strength. There was a short spike in strength during the last third and progressed into mild to medium territory. Meanwhile the body started out mild to medium and by the last third had moved into medium territory. I still found this Connecticut Shade to be more on the traditional side in terms of flavor profile, strength, and body. This is a cigar I could recommend to either a novice or experienced cigar experience looking for a mild, yet flavorful cigar. As for myself, this is a cigar I would smoke again.
About: Espinosa Crema No. 5 Toro 6" * 56
Espinosa cigars tend to be on the fuller end of the spectrum, hence when they came out with this new mild blend I was very intrigued. A Nicaraguan blend with Ecuadorian shade Connecticut wrapper—-let’s see how that takes off. The light wrapper is very appealing to the eye. Upon first light, creamy and woody notes are upfront, along with a citrus note that lingers. I was surprised that there was a slight black pepper note on the tongue. It was a very nice combination of sweetness and spice. Into the second third, cream and cedar were the primary notes but the orange/citrus definitely was increasing. A slight nuttiness and coffee note also showed up. The final third ended in wood and cedar notes, with the creaminess disappearing. The burn and draw were impeccable throughout, with a salt and pepper strong ash. The burn rate and temperature were ideal. Espinosa has definitely succeeded in making this very enjoyable mild-med smoke. I recommend this cigar for the beginner as well as the novice. Enjoy!