Punch Double Maduro

The original Punch cigar was created in 1840 by a Cuban cigar manufacturer named Manuel Lopez. In an effort to attract the British market, he named the cigar after Mr. Punch of the Punch and Judy puppet shows. Produced in Honduras under the direction of Cuban cigar master Frank Llaneza, Punch has been a leading premium brand since 1969.  The Punch Double Maduro offers a sweet flavor in addition to the brand's orginal spiciness.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    Ecuadorian Sumatra-Seed
  • Binder
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Filler
    Piloto Cubano
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    General Cigars/ST Group
Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 41/2 * 50
The Punch Double Maduro Rothschild is a medium strength robusto that is hand crafted in Honduras. Its alluring, toothy Ecuadorian Sumatra-seed maduro wrapper sheaths an oily USA Connecticut Broadleaf binder, which houses a specially blended filler made of Dominican Piloto Cubano, Nicaraguan, and Honduran tobaccos. The Punch Double Maduro will jab at you with a flurry spicy and peppery notes while delivering an uppercut of natural sweetness.
Box of 50$309.50
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Ships 05/20
Questions & Answers
Mike Dempsey  Looking for Punch Chateau L maduro maduro
Posted 2/14/2022   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  We can special order the Punch Chateau L Maduro, for pricing please email [email protected]
    Replied 2/14/2022  
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Anonymous  Have box of 25
Posted 11/28/2020   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Just boxes of 50 unfortunately...
    Replied 11/28/2020  
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Wade  I am looking for Punch Maduro Madero full sized cigar---I used to get themunder that name and today the closest I see is Punch"double madero" does it have a filling of madero tobacco? Posted Today
Posted 6/13/2018   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  The cigar uses filler tobacco from Honduras, Nicaragua and also Piloto Cubano tobacco. Feel free to special order a box by calling us at 1-800-655-3385.
    Replied 6/14/2018  
  • Anonymous  you didn't answr my questions Is Punch maderoMaduro still offered. Is the filler maduro tobacco?
    Replied 6/14/2018  
  • NeptuneCigar.com  We're not aware of the brand by this name, but we are aware of Punch MM(Punch Double Maduro). The color of the filler cannot be determined unless the cigar is disected and so we cannot say for certain if the filler is maduro.
    Replied 6/14/2018  
  • Anonymous  can you ask the Punch people?
    Replied 6/16/2018  
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Hello, this is the response from the manufacturer: Double maduro refers to the wrapper. The wrapper leaf has some extra fermentation which produces an even darker color, which brings out more of the plant sugars. (think of it as caramelizing in cooking) The only darker shade is “Oscuro” but I think for most they are interchangeable terms.
    Replied 6/20/2018  
  • Anonymous  Thanks for checking my guess is they no longer manufacture the Maduro Maduro. Probably to expensive to make.
    Replied 6/20/2018  
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Punch MM(Punch Double Maduro) is still in production and available for special order with us. You can call to order this cigar at 1-800-655-3385. It takes 5-7 days to ship once ordered.
    Replied 6/21/2018  
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10 reviews
How reviewers describe Punch Double Maduro
good flavor
good construction
full of flavor
Rated 3.79by 205 Aficionados
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Glen F.11/20/2023About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
This cigar looks better than it smokes. The presentation with the box and how the cigars are placed in it was a 5. No doubt. As far as smokability the draw on these was either a 3 - 4. Some of the cigars drew much harder than the others. But I didn't have to roll it between my fingers to soften it as I've had to do with other cigars in this price range. Aroma was as expected because overall Punch make a good cigar. Whichever one you choose. So mid range aroma which is a 3. The burn is a 2. This was a box of 50 cigars. Several didn't burn evenly and one of my pet peeves is an even burning cigar. Taste was as expected. This blend is this cigar has an fairly smooth taste but a few in the box were not as smooth. Would go as far to say they were harsh. Overall, I would buy these again but would opt for a single box next time I order these. For the price it was a good deal - maybe that's the issue. You see a brand that you've had great experiences with in the past and you get disappointed but being fairly new to cigar smoking I do realize that you get what you pay for.
Chris Harvey-Read10/30/2023About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
I have smoked these for decades. I had to take a break from smoking for a few years. Was in Miami last week and went to Neptune and bought a few to see if they were what I remembered. They were all and more to what was accustomed to. Went back a few days later and promptly purchased a the lovely box and of 50……got a gift of a Punch ashtray as well !!! These Punch are a great bang for the buck.
Randal G.08/01/2023About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
not a bad cheap smoke. nice to taste something different just to mix it up.
jordan g.04/20/2023About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
Bought a box there were construction issues with almost all of the cigars wanting to unravel.
R04/20/2023About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
This has been my go-to for a few years. And by go-to I mean always have a few around in my car, desk, porch (in travel humidors of course) for a quick smoke. Over the years I’ve tried other short robusto sized cigars, but these are tried and true.
Mario P.04/17/2023About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
Beautiful, dark cigar, perfect for a quick smoke. Starts off spicy and develops in flavor, including almond paste. Lots of punch for a small cigar.
Tony K.03/30/2021About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
Haven't enjoyed one of these in several years. Brought back great memories. Even burn and awesome flavor to this cigar.
Tony C.03/31/2020About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
enjoyable, nicely priced cigar that is easy to smoke, doesn't take up the day doing so and makes you wish it did
Danny C.03/09/2020About: Punch Double Maduro Rothschild 4"1/2 * 50
Fantastic little smoke. Full of flavor and consistent.