Micallef Connecticut

In the cigar world, it’s all about properly aging the tobacco and the cigars. Each tobacco leaf in the Micallef Connecticut cigar has been aged for four (4) years and each cigar has been aged for one year before it ships out. An elegant Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper surrounds a Nicaraguan Habano binder which is filled with a balanced blend from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic which makes the Micallef Connecticut a very pleasant smoke. The Micallef Connecticut is best paired with a rich coffee or a sweet liqueur. Handmade in Nicaragua by Gómez Sanchez Family Cigars, the Micallef Connecticut is perfect for any occasion
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
  • Binder
    Nicaraguan Habano
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
Robusto, Medium, Natural, from Nicaragua
Micallef Connecticut 5 * 52
Box of 25$225.00
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Ships 11/25
In Stock
Ships 11/25
Founder Al Micallef first launched his eponymous brand in 2016, which has quickly built a reputation of superb craftsmanship and exceptional flavor. Thanks to the incomparable mastery provided by the renowned Gomez Sanchez family from Cuba, his Nicaraguan factory produces a plethora of spectacular cigars that demand your attention. Try them all with the Micallef Seleccion 12-Cigar Sampler Box! Containing 12 premium cigars spanning his entire catalog, you can decide which one is your favorite... but that can prove to be easier said than done! Sampler contains: Micallef Connecticut (1) Micallef Experienca (2) Micallef Gomez Sanchez Leyenda No.1 (1) Micallef Gomez Sanchez Leyenda No.2 (1) Micallef Herencia (1) Micallef Herencia Maduro (1) Micallef Reata (2) Micallef Reserva Privada (1) Micallef Torcedores (2)
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10 reviews
How reviewers describe Micallef Connecticut
Rated 4.57by 7 Aficionados
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About: Micallef Connecticut 5" * 52
Micallef is starting to become my favorite sticks!!
About: Micallef Seleccion 12-Cigar Sampler Box
Varied tastes but a good mix for a group who likes different tastes
About: Micallef Connecticut 5" * 52
Good smoke. Definitely recommended.
About: Micallef Connecticut 5" * 52
Nice mild cigar with plenty of flavors
About: Micallef Seleccion 12-Cigar Sampler Box
Great cigars just a little inconsistent on the burn.
About: Micallef Seleccion 12-Cigar Sampler Box
Best bargain for some of the best cigars in the world.
About: Micallef Connecticut 5" * 52
I’m normally a Maduro kind of guy but for some reason I’ve been on the Connecticut bandwagon. This cigar is amazing! It’s sweet, creamy, has a hint of cedar and spice giving it a very robust profile. This stick would go well with a coffee or as a morning smoke. Definitely box worthy.
About: Micallef Connecticut 5" * 52
On the lighter side, but still packs some good flavor
About: Micallef Seleccion 12-Cigar Sampler Box
Excellent selection of cigars, only complaint is that the box itself isn't great, but that's no big deal
About: Micallef Connecticut 5" * 52
This is an excellent connecticut shade style offering. A lot of the floral and lighter notes you would expect with a little cedar as well. Really more of a mild-medium body that goes great with the morning coffee