Toscano Antico

Toscano Antico are italian cheroot cigars made with a maduro Kentucky wrapper leaf, with fillers from USA and Italy. A bold and intense smoke made famous by Clint Eastwood. Aged for 12 months, these strong cigars are manufactured in Lucca, Italy.
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    Manifatture Sigaro Toscano
Toscano Antico 6 * 38
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Pack of 5$21.00
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Questions & Answers
Craig Batchelor  how much does the tobacco content of a box of 5 toscano antico cigars weigh
Posted 11/26/2017   
  •  Hi Craig. One pack of 5 weighs about .10 pounds.
    Replied 11/27/2017  
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Anonymous  Can l have your phone number pliease?
Posted 11/20/2017   
  •  You can reach us at 1-800-655-3385
    Replied 11/20/2017  
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Anonymous  free shipping
Posted 10/23/2017   
  •  When your order total is $99 or more, free shipping is offered. This offer is valid for the continental USA only.
    Replied 10/24/2017  
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7 reviews
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About: Toscano Antico 6" * 38
This cigar was woodsy smelling and strong but never had that bitter harsh taste. It's neat that it can be cut in half and smoked for something quick. I think it's better than the Classico even if you prefer a milder smoke. The flavor stayed strong and consistent the whole time.
About: Toscano Antico 6" * 38
This cigar reminded me of Auld Kendal tobacco. I can't think of another cigar with this combination of a rolling tobacco aroma and very rustic appearance - some people will think you're smoking a twig! If you like strong cigars try one.
About: Toscano Antico 6" * 38
This is a very interesting cigar. Unusual shape like a banana. It smells and tastes a bit like MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured to me.
About: Toscano Antico 6" * 38
Think CLINT when you are having one of these. Cut in half and enjoy both ends. Love the taste!!
About: Toscano Antico 6" * 38
Spicy smoke...I enjoyed it.
About: Toscano Antico 6" * 38
I'm primarily a pipe smoker which is why I'm so drawn to the Toscano cigar line. Comprised of Kentucky tobaccos most of the Toscanos taste very similar to a strong bowl of exceptional English pipe tobacco but the Antico is different. This stick tastes very similar to a spicy Nicaraguan cigar covered in a deliciously powerful dark brown, nearly black, Brazilian wrapper. When paired with sweetened coffee this stick evokes flavors dark sweet stewed fruits such as dates and raisins. The draw is perfect from start to finish regardless if smoked whole or in halves. A very slow and even burner producing mounds of creamy rich smoke every time. The Antico is a very strong powerful smoke with a nicotine dose of epic proportions. Highly recommended for seasoned cigar and pipe smokers.
About: Toscano Antico 6" * 38
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