Toscano Nobile

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the founding of Italy, Toscano created the Nobile cigar. This long, lean celebratory perfecto is hand crafted by female rollers into the traditional and versatile Toscano shape. The cigar can be enjoyed in its entirety, or the smoker can cut it in half and save the other half for later. It is also referred to as the “friendship cigar” since the smoker can share one half of the cigar with a friend. The Nobile uses a dark rustic Kentucky-seed fire cured wrapper, which covers a filler composed of Italian and USA tobaccos. Once rolled into the signature Toscano perfecto shape, the Nobile is allowed to age for 10 years so that its fine tobaccos can marry and develop its distinctive aroma and flavor. The Toscano Nobile is hand rolled in Lucca, Italy.
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    Manifatture Sigaro Toscano
Perfecto, Full, Maduro, from Italy
Toscano Nobile 61/2 * 40
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Rated 3by 2 Aficionados
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Allison R.12/07/2022About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
New to this style of cigar. Pleasantly pleased by the flavors. A bit tight on the draw but over-all enjoyed the experience.
Jason G.12/02/2022About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
not a huge fan of skinny cigars. but worth a try.
Adam G.11/15/2022About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
Good smoke
William W.04/26/2022About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
Nice rustic smoke
shawn p.04/25/2022About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
Really good a classic taste and smooth draw rich aroma
Junior S.03/07/2022About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
I try one, the draw was waayyy to tight barely got smoke out of it. The cigar was hard as a rock..
Hubert S.12/28/2021About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
Not one of my favorite
Anson B.11/09/2021About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
Rene L.10/05/2021About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
I wanted to smoke something a bit different recently, so I took the opportunity to enjoy a brand that I have put on the back burner for long enough - Toscano! Admittedly, this rough-looking stogie won't win any beauty contests, but as with humans, it's what's INSIDE that counts. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Italy's founding, the Toscano Nobile is hand rolled in Lucca, Italy, and continues the famed rustic vitola shape that the brand is known for. If you're new to Toscano, let me share some knowledge: tradition dictates cutting the cigar in half and either sharing that half with a friend or saving it for later. Since I was feeling particularly greedy at the time, I elected to do neither, and I lit up the Nobile as-is and began puffing away. Composed of tobacco from both Italy and the United States, this thin perfecto had an immediate smoky and charred flavor that made me make sure I had a glass of water nearby. Although some classify this cigar as a stronger smoke, I felt as though it maintained a balanced medium strength throughout, and while it certainly had an intense retrohale, it was simultaneously smooth and enjoyable at the same time. Front to back I encountered notes of oak, hickory, and even subtle bits of chocolate. The smoke output was minimal (mostly due to a slightly tight draw), yet chewy and super aromatic. If I could turn back time, I would probably follow tradition and cut the Toscano in half, as I feel that that would improve the draw on this otherwise delightful stick. A good Kentucky bourbon or a black cup o' Joe would also elevate the experience enough to exclaim, "Ciao, bella!"
EMMANUEL R.09/17/2021About: Toscano Nobile 6"1/2 * 40
Diffèrent mais très aromatique.