La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald

The La Aurora Preferidos line is known worldwide as being an ultra-premium cigar that can easily hold its own among any of the best out there. The Preferidos Ecuador Emerald uses an Ecuadorian wrapper covering a Dominican binder and Brazilian and Dominican fillers, and delivers absolutely delicious complex notes of earth, cedar and coffee. Add in flawless construction and a delectable aroma, and you have yourself a pretty perfect cigar worthy of the most special of occasions.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
  • Binder
    Dominican Republic
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    La Aurora
Perfecto, Full, Natural, from Dominican Republic
La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald Tubes 5 * 54
Box of 8$168.00
In Stock
Ships 08/17
In Stock
Ships 08/17
Questions & Answers
Marc  Don't the cigar companies realize that many consumers are not willing to pay more for the cigar's presentation than for the cigar? Who wants to pay for a green tube that will be in a landfill for years to come? Let me buy the cigar for the cigar not the BS packaging.
Posted 7/24/2018   
  •  Hi Marc. I see what you mean. The tube adds to the presentation, but if you are not interested this cigar comes in other sizes and packaging without the fancy tube. For example, you can special order a box of 18 Toro 5"1/2 * 54 at $170.95. Call or email if you are interested.
    Replied 7/24/2018  
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9 reviews
How reviewers describe La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald
Rated 4.15by 97 Aficionados
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About: La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald Tubes 5" * 54
Very good Dominican and it is a beauty!
About: La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald Tubes 5" * 54
Excellent medium strength Preferido. Perfect draw and flavors
About: La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald Tubes 5" * 54
My favorite of the line. A very unique flavor profile.
About: La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald Tubes 5" * 54
Nice smoke but I still prefer Liga Privada 9
About: La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald Tubes 5" * 54
A smaller cigar that has an easy draw. does smoke cool.
About: La Aurora Preferidos Ecuador Emerald Tubes 5" * 54
Anyone who knows me knows that I like a premium La Aurora cigar, especially the Preferidos. These cigars come in different wrappers distinguished by the different color tubes. The Emerald tube sports an Ecuador Sumatra-seed Sun Grown wrapper. This is a smooth, mild to medium bodied cigar that is best enjoyed paired with a smooth single-malt scotch or even a light cocktail. It produces a lot of smoke, which I like, and the draw is also impeccable. The flavors are earthy and woody and nutty and delicious. The finish is long and creamy. There is just a tiny bit of pepper but just enough to keep this interesting, and not too strong that would make you think this is a spicy smoke. The way this cigar holds up its ash is a testament to how well made it is. If what you want is a quality cigar that is easygoing, flavorful and won't overpower your senses, sit back and relax with this Preferido Emerald and enjoy the silky smooth ride. Another tip: you can smoke this one to the nub!