Leon Jimenes

A well made cigar with balanced, mild flavors that will please your palate. These cigars are made by La Aurora, the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic with over a century of experience.
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Questions & Answers
Anonymous  do you have Leon Jimenez undercrown maduro
Posted 4/11/2020   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  I believe you might be looking for the following cigar: https://www.neptunecigar.com/cigar/liga-undercrown-maduro
    Replied 4/11/2020  
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Halina Lukower  Dear Sir.The cigar I want is Leon Jimenes Robusto diameter 0.8 inches and lenght is 5 inches. Please let me know if this is the measure for the Leon Jimenes No. 55¨" on your website. Please inform price for 3 boxes X 25 units delivered to Miami Beach Fl..
Posted 9/12/2019   
  • Anonymous  The Leon Jimenes No. 5 is thinner than a Robusto. The diameter is 0.59 inches, not 0.8.
    Replied 9/12/2019  
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