Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997

Although known for their classic mild offerings, Macanudo proudly walks on the dark side, too. The Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997 is a bold, full-bodied cigar that uses a dark USA Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper on top of a Honduran binder and a delicious filler combination consisting of tobaccos from Dominican Republic, Brazil and Nicaragua. Strong and rich, the Broadleaf used for the wrapper was found in the exceptional 1997 crop, deemed as some of the best ever grown. Each cigar wears an elegant metal ring as its band, which also doubles as a cigar holder.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    General Cigars/ST Group
Churchill, Full, Maduro, from Dominican Republic
Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997 Churchill 7 * 49
Box of 12$201.48
In Stock
Ships Tomorrow
In Stock
Ships Tomorrow
Toro, Full, Maduro, from Dominican Republic
Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997 Toro 6 * 54
Box of 12$195.48
In Stock
Ships Tomorrow
In Stock
Ships Tomorrow
Questions & Answers
Bobby Dickerson  When will they be back in stock
Posted 4/26/2022   
  •  Regrettably there is no ETA at this time
    Replied 4/27/2022  
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Robbie Whitestone  Do you expect the box of 12 Toro's will be in stock soon
Posted 3/17/2022   
  •  No, this cigar has been discontinued.
    Replied 3/18/2022  
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TONIA FALCONE  Will you be getting anymore of the box of 12 in?
Posted 2/9/2021   
  •  Unfortunately this cigar has been discontinued.
    Replied 2/9/2021  
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Cigarlover  How much would it cost in total to order one box and ship to germany? Brgds
Posted 2/2/2021   
  •  Unfortunately we are unable to ship tobacco to Germany.
    Replied 2/2/2021  
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Anonymous  Do you ship to Brazil?
Posted 7/3/2020   
  •  Sorry, we do not
    Replied 7/12/2020  
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Gabriel Binant  Hi! Do you ship to France at the moment?
Posted 6/28/2020   
  •  Yes, we are currently shipping to France
    Replied 6/28/2020  
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Mohamed Albadr  U ship to United Arab Emirates?
Posted 5/10/2020   
  •  Yes, we do.
    Replied 5/11/2020  
  • Anonymous  How many days it will take
    Replied 5/11/2020  
  •  USPS typically takes 5-10 business days. Currently shipments to the UAE are under a temporary suspension due to the unavailability of transportation as a result of COVID-19. We can arrange shipments via DHL which take just 5 business days for delivery. For a DHL shipping quote, please email [email protected]
    Replied 5/12/2020  
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Curtis  What is the individual weight of each cigar?
Posted 5/17/2019   
  •  The cigar alone will weigh about .04 pounds.
    Replied 5/17/2019  
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Jason  Would you shipping to another country?
Posted 5/10/2019   
  •  We do ship to other countries.
    Replied 5/10/2019  
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Kim Black   Dear Neptune , is it possible to ship to the uk ?? My husband discovered these cigars on a trip to SAN Francisco . I would love to buy him this box foe Christmas.
Posted 11/25/2018   
  •  Yes, certainly! You can checkout online as you normally would. You will find the UK as a ship to destination on the site.
    Replied 12/4/2018  
  • (optional)
Natascha Bijker  Hello dear Neptune family. I am looking for the Macanudo 1997 Vintage Maduro. I would like to By a box of this Cigars. Would it be possible to send them to a hotel in Orlando.? A friend of mine is staying there from rhe 2 Dezember 2018 till The 6 Dezember 2018. I would pay them with a Credit Card out of Germany. We are already customers from Neptune and have Ann account. Natascha Bijker.
Posted 11/22/2018   
  •  Hello! Yes, it is possible. Be sure to inlcude the check in/check out dates so the order is shipped on the appropriate date.
    Replied 11/23/2018  
  • (optional)
Valarie Benning Barney  I ordered a box of these in December and they arrived dried out. Are these fresh?
Posted 6/12/2018   
  •  Our cigars are stored in a walk in humidor until the time of shipping. When you receive a box of cigars, it is recommended that you place them in a humidor upon receipt and allow them to acclimate to the proper environment before smoking. Although we store the boxes at 65-70% humidity, it can be difficult for the humidity to reach cigars inside these sealed boxes. However, if you receive a product that does not meet your expectations, feel free to contact us. We offer a 30 day, no questions asked return policy and we're happy to replace your cigars.
    Replied 6/12/2018  
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Elliott Thompson   I want to order 2 boxed with my smoke rings but don't see them in the line up
Posted 11/17/2016   
  •  We took care of it and they are on your way!
    Replied 11/18/2016  
  • (optional)
Don R. Bush  Where's the "upload your pics" button?
Posted 3/4/2016   
  •  Click on the size you are interested in. Look at the images of the cigar box and you will see a box that says "upload your pictures". Click on this to upload the picture you desire.
    Replied 3/4/2016  
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Anonymous  Is this the best price you have for this cigar?
Posted 12/9/2015   
  •  If you are interested in price matching, please email us a link to the competitor where you found a lower price listed.
    Replied 12/10/2015  
  • Michael Janssen  What is the email for price matching?
    Replied 10/18/2017  
  •  Please email [email protected]
    Replied 10/18/2017  
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good flavor
full bodied
full of flavor
good construction
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