Macanudo Cigar: An Origins Story

The Macanudo cigar brand has been around for more than 50 years. It originated in Jamaica. The cigar was named after an expression King Edward the VIII of England was very fond of. The King was a polo player and cigar enthusiast. While in Argentina, the King would hear the players say, “Macanudo,” which was Spanish for “fantastic” or “super.” The King adopted the phrase. Cigar crafters in Jamaica heard about it and created the Macanudo cigar in the King’s honor. Since it was primarily made for British aficionados, Macanudo cigars were virtually unheard of in the United States. But that changed in the 1960s, when the General Cigar Co. purchased the Temple Hall factory in Jamaica, where the cigars were made. Soon after, the cigars became a hit with U.S. smokers. Eventually, General moved its production of this popular cigar to the Dominican Republic. Over the years, the brand has kept up with the smoking preferences of its loyal fans, and to this day, it appeals to both traditional and contemporary smokers. If you’re looking for a super, fantastic cigar, we suggest you click here and shout Macanudo!