Espinosa Wasabi

A striking green candela (or double claro) wrapper surrounds the Espinosa Wasabi’s undisclosed binder and filler. The Espinosa Wasabi is topped off with a dark brown habano leaf cap that adds to this stick’s stand out appearance. Handmade in Nicaragua at the famed La Zona Cigar Factory, the Espinosa Wasabi is green and spicy just like the Japanese mustard it’s named after.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
    Double Claro
  • Wrapper
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    La Zona
Robusto, Medium, Double Claro, from Nicaragua
Espinosa Wasabi 5 * 52
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In Stock
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9 reviews
Rated 3.36by 25 Aficionados
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About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52
Used a v cut and the draw was extreme it was like sucking air through a one inch pipe,tons of smoke not my favorite.
About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52
A decent smoke. Looks great and definitely on for a reorder
About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52
It's very very spicy!
About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52
Wasabi! You all know this green paste as an extremely spicy addition to sushi. In fact the wasabi you see at the restaurants and market places isn't entirely from the plant. Real wasabi is known as one of the most difficult plants to cultivate and has a very high price per kilo, one most people would rather do without. Lucky for us though, this Wasabi is a cigar. The cigar got its name for the candela wrapper. Unlike the wasabi you tend to eat it is not extremely spicy, rather it is a bit more complex than that. While there is some spice to the cigar I detected notes of leather, nuts and wood. Personally I am not a fan of candela wrappers but boy was I impressed, don't look past this because of previous experiences with other candelas this cigar is a treat! Pair this up with your favorite drink and be ready to be blown away!
About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52
Grassy and spicy flavor green beauty,love it
About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52
Surprisingly a good cigar
About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52
fitting name for a spicy smoke
About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52
I enjoyed it, definitely mild and tasty for the price. Very, very easy draw.
About: Espinosa Wasabi 5" * 52