Go Green with a Candela Wrapper

The green candela wrapper was once the leaf of choice for many American cigar aficionados. It was known as American Market Select, and it was popular from the late 1950s to the mid-1970s. To get the lush green that defines the candela wrapper, the tobacco leaves are harvested before they are fully matured. Then, they are quickly dried. This process allows the leaves to retain their chlorophyll content and get that green look. As for strength and flavor, cigars dressed in a candela wrapper tend to be mild and have a pleasant grassy and cedar flavor.

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02/21/2021AnonymousCandela cigars are a wonderful thing. I haven’t had one in many, many, years. Back in the 1970’s the Candela was the cigar to have. Mild, and can be very creamy, with floral notes.