What is a good cigar?

What makes a good cigar?

People often ask what is a good cigar? This is difficult to say because we usually judge a cigar by our opinion of its taste. Did we like the taste or not? It would be impossible to create a general standard on such a a personal matter.

A bad cigar is easier to describe. Many smokers think that if the cigar has a tight draw, then it is bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sometimes cigars smoke tight because they are too moist and can benefit from a few days rest inside the humidor to stabilize. Also keep in mind that cigars are handmade products and to err is human. Some of them may on occasion have a construction flaw.

So what is a bad cigar, you ask? If a cigar gives you a sick feeling (provided you DID NOT inhale the cigar smoke), it is quite possible that the tobacco was not fermented correctly. Cigar experts call this green tobacco, and we suggest that if you are so unlucky to run into one of these, throw it away quickly! You should never have this problem when buying premium quality cigars from well-known sources, since reputable cigar manufacturers purchase their tobacco from established growers.

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11/10/2020byJaime MI been getting my cigars from Neptune the past 3 years....Neptune is the best website I came across! They are really good with there cigars and really fast shipping! Thank you Neptune and thank you Luzzie for answering all my questions. I will always choose Neptune cigars for all my cigar needs and will always pass on the good word about Neptune cigars! Thank you everyone for getting my cigars all the way to North Dakota...much love from one of your #1 Customers Jaime Moreno
11/22/2019byMichael RThis was good Would like more info on how a cigar should burn
03/30/2019AnonymousCustomer service is outstanding - I’m a light weight but found my place with Neptune cigar - thank you all for being there / here for me . Much success to all of you . Will always choose Neptune cigar for all my smoking needs and refer everyone to do the same
11/28/2014AnonymousThis is the first time I have ordered from an online distributor. After checking many stores I decided to order some of my favorites, Fuentes sun grown double chateau , a few Anejos and a couple of Opus X. This order came to Brooklyn NY in 2 days sealed in a bag and a small portable humidifier. I'm very impressed and have found my new cigar distributor. Thank you Neptune!! Regards, S.X.