Guide to Cheap Cigars

Where can I find quality cigars that are cheap?

We’ve said it many times. You do not have to break the bank to enjoy a fine cigar. You do not have to compromise taste either. Many cheap smokes are available today. Manufacturers have responded to the demand for an affordable cigar and are now able to produce lower-priced versions of their most famous smokes—whether it is by spending less in the packaging or by using a mixture of long and short filler tobaccos—and they are still able to maintain high standards and not use cheap tobacco. We’ll see about some of these cheap cigars in this article.

Bundled cigars

Yes, that cigar box is costly. While nothing compares to the beauty of a full cigar box, you aren’t smoking that box, are you? Save money buying bundled cigars. Some of the brands in this category are Alcazar Maduro, Casa de Garcia, CC, Factory Throwouts, Flor de Oliva, Heaven, M1, My Uzi Weighs a Ton, National Brand, Perdomo Fresco, Quorum, Quorum Shade, Secret Blend of Cuba, Tampa Trolleys and Trader Jack's

Mixed Filler Cigars

If they are expertly rolled, handmade mixed filler cigars deliver all the enjoyment of long filler cigars at half the price. Try Arturo Fuente's mixed filler sticks: Exquisitos, Brevas Royale, Curly Head and Curly Head Deluxe. Other choices are: Drew Estate’s La Vieja Habana, The Repeater and our exclusive brand Secret Blend of Cuba.

Classic Premiums under $4

Brands like Abam, Baccarat, Diamondback, Gispert,  Henry Clay, La Fontana, Puros Indios and Saint Luis Rey are all available on our website at incredibly low prices. Any of these cigars could become your next daily stogie, so make a sampler and give them a try.

Updated: February 2013

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01/21/2020byFrédéric LVery good and helpfull service!
10/15/2019AnonymousVery good information.
06/06/2019AnonymousI learned years ago, never say cheap, Use affordable.When you smoke 3 cigars a day and are on a retirees pension a cigar is my relaxing time. Thank you for the info
04/29/2016AnonymousThis guide is exactly what I was looking for. I'm on a tight budget but still enjoy a good cigar. Very handy. Thank you!
10/12/2014AnonymousA Neptune User