How can I get a cheap humidor?

How to buy a cheap humidor or make your own humidor

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to keep your cigars fresh. It is better to get a cheap humidor and spend the extra money on more cigars. You will be relieved to know that you have many inexpensive options for cigar storage:

1- A Tupperdor. Get a plastic container. To make a cheap humidifier device, buy some wet oasis foam at your flower store or arts and crafts shop. Cut the foam to fit inside a travel soap dish. Wet the foam with 50/50 activation solution. Put the humidifier device inside your tupperdor along with a hygrometer. One advantage of the tupperdor is that you can read the hygrometer without opening the container. A 4qt container will hold about 50 cigars.

2- An Igloodor or Coolidor. Same principle as the Tupperdor, but you can fit more cigars inside a big cooler. It is recommended to line your cooler with Spanish cedar using stainless steel screws or hot glue. You can also take some wooden cigar boxes, take their tops off, and place your cigars inside them—they will work like drawers. When choosing your cooler, make sure that it seals tightly.

3- A wooden humidor. You can purchase an elegant desktop humidor at a very low price. Even if you own a tupperdor or igloodor you may want to have some cigars on display for your guests. We offer a wide selection of affordable humidors with wood finish that will be a classic component of your office, smoking room or living room.

Tip 1: When storing your cigars, organize them in a way that you will minimize handling them.

Tip 2: If you're looking for a new humidification system or to upgrade your current humidifier, here is a nice info-graphic to help you choose the Humidifier what will work best for your needs:

Choosing the Right Humidifier for your Humidor - Info Graphics

TIP 3: Simple Recipe Guide for Seasoning Your Humidor

How to Season Your Humidor - The Simple Recipe By Neptune Cigars

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07/01/2017byMarco DIt's always good to brush up on your knowledge from time to time. Very helpful, thank you.
12/21/2008AnonymousGreat article and very helpful for those on a very tight budget. Thank you.