Tampa Trolleys Cigars

Tampa Trolleys are a high-quality bundle cigar that exceed the expectations of most other bundled cigars, and first and foremost on that list of expectations is taste. Made by J.C. Newman in Tampa, Florida, not only is it one of the few premium cigars made in the U.S., but they also have the honor of being produced at the last working cigar factory in the proclaimed 'Cigar City' of the country. Featuring Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos housed in an American-grown Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, these tasty, affordable smokes will completely change your outlook on the potential a bundled cigar can offer.

Tampa Trolleys

Tampa Trolleys Cigars were Introduced in 2012 by JC Newman Cigar Company of Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Trolleys bundles have been created to honor the cigar tradition of Ybor City. One of the few American companies still making cigars in the United States, JC Newman makes their Tampa Trolleys on antique cigar machines that aid their cigar rollers to produce a great tasting, low priced cigar. The wrapper is a Connecticut Broadleaf that gives this cigar a touch of sweetness.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    J.C. Newman Cigar Co.
Tampa Trolleys Churchill 71/4 * 52
Made by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company, Tampa Trolleys are an affordable bundle cigar that has few rivals in terms of value. One of the few remaining American companies still making cigars in the U.S., Tampa Trolleys are tasty medium-bodied smokes that use a USA Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper on top of fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.
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Diego C.04/05/2021About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
This is a cigar to smoke while doing something relaxing at home, or to invite friends who are new to the art of cigar smoking. Not bad with medium strength, but can be a bit bitter in the end. Some people like that kind of flavor. It is a cigar of low medium quality.
Jesse V.10/06/2020About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
It’s a buffet of three different fillers roughly constructed but for a daily smokes it fills the appetite
Usama A.08/18/2020About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
Very good taste with very good price.
Travis B.03/04/2020About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
Very nice affordable smoke.
Scott B.03/26/2019About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
Excellent choice for the money!
Rick M.10/19/2018About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
Very good product
Perry S.06/10/2016About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
These were surprisingly great. Especially the aroma and taste. Very good Maduro.
Kevin M.01/20/2015About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
What great value, a very good burn and taste.
Julie M.01/27/2013About: Tampa Trolleys Churchill 7"1/4 * 52
this is by for the worst cigar i have had in my life you would be beter of smoking a rolled up news paper