Liga Privada H99

The first regular production blend in the Liga Privada series to be introduced since 2009, the H99 is set to be welcomed with open arms. Aside from the premium heritage of flavor and craftsmanship the brand is already well known for, the H99 is exciting due to its use of a Corojo-seed leaf grown deep in the Connecticut River Valley, giving it a delicious and complex spice found only in quality Corojo tobacco. Beneath that lies a rich Mexican San Andres binder and superb Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers, allowing the H99 to sit proudly next to those that came before it, and with just as much grace.
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Questions & Answers
Mike Green  Any updates on when Liga Privada H99 might be back in stock?
Posted 8/8/2020   
  •  We do not have an ETA on this product unfortunately
    Replied 8/8/2020  
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David Oravec  When do you anticipate Liga Pravada H99 5 packs in stock.
Posted 11/19/2019   
  •  We do not have an ETA on that product at the moment
    Replied 11/23/2019  
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Robert Todd  can i get on a waiting list for this smoke and be notified when it arrives so I can build an order?
Posted 10/29/2019   
  •  We will add that feature if/when we get an ETA as to when they will be available again.
    Replied 10/29/2019  
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Wallace Lewis  Do you know when this will be back in stock?
Posted 3/8/2019   
  •  There is no estimated date of arrival for this cigar, I'm sorry.
    Replied 3/11/2019  
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Justin  Are you planning on having full boxes available? Or only a couple singles per customer?
Posted 7/31/2018   
  •  At this time we are unsure at this time. If supply is good, we will not limit the purchase quantity allowed.
    Replied 7/31/2018  
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