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You must be at least twenty-one (21) years old to participate in Neptune Cigar's photo contest ("Photo Contest") and a resident of the United States, Austria, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, or United Kingdom. Employees of Neptune Cigars, as well as their immediate family are not eligible to enter.


We want you to capture a cigar that you enjoy. The cigar must be lit and the band must be visible. The picture may contain other items such as a great drink, an ashtray, a cutter, but the cigar must be the main object in the picture.

Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization (cropping, reasonable adjustments to exposure, color, contrast, etc.) will be disqualified.

Please do not include the following:

- Photos of people, pets or domestic animals.

- Photos that violate or infringe a copyright.

- Photos that contain obscene or other objectionable or inappropriate content.

Neptune Cigars shall determine entry eligibility in its sole and absolute discretion.


All images must be submitted through our website. Digital images that are sent via email will not be accepted. You may enter an unlimited number of times. By entering, you indicate your unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, these Official Rules, which are final and binding.

To upload your photos on our website, go to the product page of the cigar that you have photographed. Under the image of the cigar, you will find a button marked "Upload your Pictures". Click on the button, select your picture, enter your full name and email, a comment on the cigar, and click Upload. Tip: Add your Instagram username in the comments if you want us to tag you on our Instagram page!

We'll pick a winner every week and the winner will receive a $25 Neptune Gift Certificate.


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Johnny Gross
Better than a hole in one.
Paul Van Hout
A testament to quality construction.
Welcome summer !
Bruce de Lis
Great Cigar at fair price, Oliva ='s quality IMHO
Blake H
Liga Privada No. 9
David Meadows
Padron 1926 90th Anniversary enjoyed at Scone Palace, the crowning place of 42 Scottish Kings!
Danny Namnum
Feeling the scene at winwoodwalls having classic Arturo Fuente Hemingway Maduro.
Roger Howard C/O Flor Domingo
Light and easy going smoke. My wife loves these.
Ionut simion
Deerfield beach, cigar, relax, enjoy, day off !
Tim Rivard
Excellent smoke, unbelievable combination of 7 different tobacco regions really bring this stick together!!!
Richard Sima
Mild to medium, slightly sweet, consistant flavor from start to finish. Nice burn, wonderful aroma, now one of my favorites!
Daniel Coury
First Spring smoke of 2018.
Charles Nielsen
Smooth as a Florida Winter
Marco De La Torre
Cheers. -El Catrin
James Ewing
Slow, strong, deep, flavorful — a masterful cigar!
very good cigar!
Andres Perez
Great way to start your week with this piece of gold!
Arturo Sandoval
Delicious cigar!
Ben Garrison
A very robust, rich and flavorful and smoke. A strong spoke in the wheel of cigars.
Tim Rivard
As always AJ Fernandez delivers. An upgrade to his fathers original, the broadleaf is full of spice that always pleases!
Phillip Morris
Macanudo Cru Royale - To ALL: "A good smoker, like a good lover, always takes his time with a cigar." ...
Ed Oliver
Ray Leigh
Photo contest
In Japan, not available. However, it’s an ingenious high-level gem.
Michael Walsh
Amazing smoke! Ash held on until I had to remove the band!
Jason Longshore
Sit back...relax...enjoy life
Roger Howard
AF Cubanitos, great with the morning cappuccino!
Bryan Noss
I love the taste! Bryan Noss
Milosz Marczak
Well made. Great every day companion.
Ahmed Almannai
One of THE BEST cigars ever.. LOVE IT
Todd DeAngelis
Florida Sun Grown in the Florida shade.
Shawn McDermott
"On the Money"
My first SIXTY for me from JAPAN!
Danny Namnum
Rich and smooth, this cigar has a raisin like sweetness and perfect draw
Stacey Payne
Pre-holiday Smoke
Danny Namnum
Excellent afternoon cigar to relax with after lunch with coffee
Alex S.
Good food, good friends
Excellent middle size cigar strong excellent draw with notes of leather and wood
Phil P
Got the blues that summer is over...
Justin Ehlin
Halloween fun on a cool Florida night
Chuck Taylor
Beautiful fall day in Austin, Texas meets beautiful Oliva Serie V Melanio. Doesn't get any better...!
Mike Robusto
Good afternoon!
Anthony George
Two guilty pleasures
Daniel Coury
Amazing smoke with a great value
sameen ullah
Tasty as they come.
Yusuf Mubarak
Superb. Best Garcia cigar ever!
John Looney
Nice smoke, great service at Neptune Cigar Lounge
Fredrik Dunder
A wonderful cigar
Smooth Maduro for Break-fast!
In honor of the man ??????
Kevin oliver
Go to cigar in Greece!
mark jordan
Great cigar!
Charles Caldarera
Four miles tough hike to smoke a Kuba Kuba at Ice Lake near Silverton, CO.
Adolfo Garcia
Wonderful smoke. Cheers from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Tom Paszkiewicz
Nothing better on the 4th. Thank you America..
James Heffren
The better half is in CT for the weekend; doing my part to be there in spirit.
James Ewing
Surprising array of slightly spicy flavors in this well-crafted smoke.
Sean Boyle
An all around good smoke and you can't do much better on price.
Lloyd Klein
Smooth with complex flavors..
Tom Moore
Serge Lebrun
Wild Turkey + Padron Delicias Madura
Anthony Farinas
Odd shaped cigar but surprisingly enjoyable
Gasndy Damus
Nothing like exploring the everglades with a good cigar and good company.
Jeff LaPlante
New ashtray, great smoke!
James Heffren
After a weekend of yard work and 85° in the middle of April, I'm enjoying my first patio smoke of the year.
Jason Madrid
Loving this Camacho on yet another gorgeous day in sunny South Florida! Stay smokey everyone!
Tim Rivard
Excellent smoke, great flavors, will become a regular in my line up. Enjoyed this while watching my daughter play in the park.
Antonio Quinto
No wods!
andres lemus
Wonderful way to start the morning!
DeVonne Mosby
Roasting a Flying Pig.
Peter Fiumefreddo
My latest record breaking ash.
Yusuf Mubarak
Punched on both sides.
Nicholas Thompson
Smoked this beauty with my coffee this morning and realized my double punch resembled a heart. Happy Valentine's Day i guess!
Nathan Stewart
I forgot how much I love H. Upmann cigars. This thing was fantastic with a sweet finish.
Shawn Pratt
Top 5 E.P. Carrillo cigars ever. Very box worthy!
Jason Madrid
very mellow cigar. a few burn problems but self corrected. overall a great value!
James Ewing
Rich, full flavor, nuanced, bold but smooth. Magnificent cigar!
Steven Casillas
Great smoke!
Jeff Stevens
Fantastic smoke!
Anthony Pinadella
Great way to celebrate Christmas
The Big Juicy! Tasty dark stick.
Gabriel Hinojosa
The T52 is like the best of both worlds. Maduro and Natural. Lighter than the Liga9 yet darker than a natural
Josue Gutierrez
Enjoying this flavorful La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor
Fredrik Dunder
A 2000 always works ????
Matt Fletcher
Love the hints of light chocolate.
Joel Trueblood
nick lindenmayer
Getting into the Christmas mood with this KFC.
You. Sharif
This is a Cigar that I Graves memory in your sole.... Thanks to all whom brought this joy to our life
Eric d'Arcy
Worth the wait...
Michael Bonner
AF 858 Maduro is a perfect balance
Wyndell Gaff
This is the A. F. Double chateau natural, perfect for the golf course.
Winda Rivera
Too good, I can't let it go!!!
Scott S
great autumn evening smoke...
mark jordan
Fall has arrived. Great cigar!
Otis S
Round and round, I enjoy the. From inside out,yes I finished it... Beautiful day.
Janoy Gonzalez
Great stick. Mild to medium at the very most, with notes of leather, nuts, and a light pepper on the finish. No transitions but very enjoyable rich creamy smoke.
Rick N
What a fantastic Recomendation from the staff at Neptune. Instant favorite and will smoke more
Rick Bensemann
1 grill for tenderloins 1 grill for taters 1 Camacho while they slowly cook
Everday is a Joya Day!
Padron o'clock
Samuel Lopez
His & Hers...
Ruel lico
Weekend smokes????
Great Cigar! Drew Estate doesn't disappoint.
Carl Reinecke
Happy Birthday!
mark jordan
Xikar and Rocky, good combo.
Kenneth Giusto
A great cigar on vacation.
Nicholas Lindenmayer
Never a disappointment!!
Jim Schaufenbil
The only thing better than a Flor de Oliva Churchill with the morning sunrise is a Flor de Oliva Churchill with the morning sunrise in Wailea Maui Hawaii
Stephen Green
A most excellent smoke. Danielsville, GA.
Kurt McKendry
Razor sharp burn, beautiful taste and aroma
Danny Morgalo
Now that's a long ash!
Damon Davis
This Asylum 13 6x60 cigar was the highlight of my tailgate experience!
mark jordan
Gurkha XO Beauty 6x60
Alexis Otano
Manuel Ruano
nice cigar
The most cuban tasting non-cuban cigar I've ever had.
James Albright
Part of my dining room decor.
Eric d
Smokes as good as it looks.
nick lindenmayer
One of my all time favorites! Great flavor, smooth smoke, bold and strong. Always a great buy!
Gabriel Hinojosa
Great on the course
mark jordan
Great cigar and libations on this warm February Western NC evenig. 50°
John Moretti
Illusione Epernay is delicious! Great alone or great with a nice beverage. In this round an IPA and an Epernay!
mark jordan
Nice cigar for the money. Burns even, stays lit, medium strenght, good aroma. Draws very easy.
Piotr Szymanski
great burn and draw, good taste notes of leather and nuts and heavy tobacco at the last third
Will Ortiz
One of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Worth every penny. And it goes great with some Conac. Rent Martin Perfect match.
Mike Ferrante
One of the best, great go to smoke.
Lloyd Hyde
On my way to cabo
Lord Paco
Harold G
Ashton Symmetry Robusto
Chris Cardona
Don't I have a nice ash?
Sean Thibodeaux
CBT, Capa Banda other words...three times the flavor. Christian Eiroa is no stranger to quality flavorful cigars, and this one is worthy of putting his name right on it. BRAVO Christian!
Eddie Taylor
An excellent smoke on a brisk fall day.
Jeff Schader
Camacho American Barrel-Aged Robusto

By Luzzie Normand
Co-Founder & Editor; Neptune Cigars Inc.
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