Toscano 1492

The Toscano 1492 is a handmade rustic-looking cheroot style cigar made of 100% American Kentucky fire cured tobacco. The smokey aroma (and taste) has a delicious hickory tinge that can only be found in true fire cured blends, and this cigar is proud to be both full-flavored and full-bodied. You can of course always smoke one in its entirety, although tradition suggests cutting it in half.
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    USA Kentucky
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Manifatture Sigaro Toscano
Slim Panatela, Full, Maduro, from
Toscano 1492 6 * 38
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10 reviews
Rated 4.57by 14 Aficionados
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About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
Classic Italian cigar flavor, rustic and bold
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
Is to harsh and hard to draw a puff
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
a good cigar
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
Excelent full flavor Cigar a bit sweeter than other Toscanos
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
Excellent small cigar with a distinctive aroma a mild bite to the taste.
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
Awesome cigar! I wasn't expecting much. Every aficionado should give these a try.
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
These weren't really for me but anyone who likes fire cured tobacco will like these.
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
A great cigar…
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
Love them
About: Toscano 1492 6" * 38
I really liked these. They were the first non-flavored cigar I ever tasted. It was an intense difference to the CAO flavors and Acid cigars I'd tried before. Intense and gritty in a good way. I'd recommend them. My husband likes these best of all we've tried so far.