About the Candela Wrapper

From the late 1950s to the early 1970s the green candela (aka double claro) wrapper was the most popular wrapper in the United States. It was so popular that during the 1950s Cuban tobacco importers/exporters had a special name for it: American Market Selection. Unlike most wrappers, which get their color based on the type of tobacco, the candela wrapper gets its bright (to light) green hue during the curing process. To get the desired green, the tobacco leaves are heated at much higher temperatures than other tobaccos but for shorter periods of times. The goal is to remove the leaves’ moisture while maintaining most of its chlorophyll, which gives the wrapper its green hue. Aside from its eye-catching green color, the candela wrapper is known for its mildness and sweetness. If you’re thinking about going green, we suggest you try the Acid GreenEspinosa Wasabi, or the La Palina Fuego Verde or search by double claro (candela) wrapper