Gurkha Evil

Some things can be summed up in a single word, and in the case of this full-bodied Gurkha, 'Evil' just seems to fit perfectly. The Gurkha Evil is a complex Honduran cigar with a Brazilian Maduro wrapper on top of a Dominican binder and premium Nicaraguan filler, with a strong, rich kick meant for those who like their smokes a little mean. Even the company's founder, Kaizad Hansotia, was quoted as saying, "This cigar is pure evil." Light one up and embrace your dark side.
This pack features 8 of some of your favorite Gurkha brands in a 6 x 60 including the Beast, Beauty, Evil, Ninja, Vintage Shaggy Natural and Maduro, Assassin, and the new Seduction. So if your looking for that perfect holiday gift item, the Gurkha Godzilla Pack will surely not disappoint.
Questions & Answers
Leon Ionut Luncan  Do you ship to Romania?
Posted 8/4/2020   
  •  Not typically, but we're happy to make an exception. Check in with your local Customs office to make sure you are able to receive cigars from abroad. If so, email for assistance placing your order.
    Replied 8/5/2020  
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Cigarswede   Do you ship to Sweden? And how long would that take?
Posted 4/29/2020   
  • al tubella  Yes we do ship to Sweden. Typically 6-9 days but due to Covid-19, you can expect delays
    Replied 4/29/2020  
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Mick  Do you ship to the UK
Posted 2/17/2020   
  •  Yes, we do!
    Replied 2/17/2020  
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Mashel  Do you ship to Saudi Arabia?
Posted 11/23/2019   
  •  Yes we do!
    Replied 11/23/2019  
  • Anonymous  Awesome!! Thanks!
    Replied 11/24/2019  
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Anonymous  How long is the delivery? In Indiana for example
Posted 9/9/2019   
  •  Delivery with USPS Priority Mail is estimated to take just 2-3 dyas.
    Replied 9/9/2019  
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Kimberly Perkins  can you purchase these in Michigan
Posted 6/14/2019   
  •  Yes, you can.
    Replied 6/20/2019  
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Anonymous  Do you ship to the Philippines?
Posted 4/29/2019   
  •  Not at this time.
    Replied 4/29/2019  
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Srrkan  Could you write dimension of this box and how much kg is this box?
Posted 2/10/2019   
  •  This product is not currently in stock for us to measure, but we can guess that it measures 8"x8". The cigars inside weigh approximately .15 kg.
    Replied 2/11/2019  
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Anonymous  will this box come with humidity control?
Posted 3/26/2018   
  •  No, this product does not come with a humidity device. If you would like to have the box opened prior to shipping and a Water Pillow added, let us know once your order has been placed.
    Replied 3/27/2018  
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Juan Contijoch  Can this deal be made if i purchase the gurkas at the miami store?
Posted 6/21/2017   
  •  Yes, this offer applies in-store as well. Be sure to mention it to the sales associate at check out.
    Replied 6/22/2017  
  • Anonymous  Tx
    Replied 6/22/2017  
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How reviewers describe Gurkha Evil
good flavor
full bodied
Rated 3.97by 418 Aficionados
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