Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 Year 10th Anniversary

The Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 Year 10th Anniversary “was created to commemorate the Cellar Reserve’s 10-year anniversary, Gurkha’s first brick and mortar cigar and its most successful brand,” according to Gurkha CEO, Kaizad Hansotia. Made of fine tobacco that has been aged for 15 years, the Cellar Reserve 15 Year 10th Anniversary features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and Dominican binder and filler. A medium-bodied smoke, the Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 Year 10th Anniversary has an overall creamy flavor with an undeniable sweetness that will have you coming back for more.
Don't miss one of the best deals from Gurkha, available only twice a year. The premium cigars included in this Super Fresh Pack an assortment of their premium sticks in the toro size. Note: Cigars may vary from picture.
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Questions & Answers
James Mike Slaughter  what is ring size?
Posted 7/19/2023   
  •  The manufacturer does not specify but they appear to be approximately 54 ring gauge.
    Replied 7/20/2023  
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Marcelo Auciello Salvagni  Hi. What is the content of the sampler today? First picture?
Posted 6/26/2022   
  •  Yessir, as of 6/28/22, contents match the first picture..
    Replied 6/28/2022  
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frederico marques  what is the ring number ? are they all the same ring ?
Posted 9/23/2021   
  •  Though the manufacturer does not specify, they all appear to be approximately 54 ring gauge.
    Replied 9/23/2021  
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Drake  Is the sampler still the one pictured in the first picture?
Posted 8/17/2021   
  •  Yes Drake, that is correct.
    Replied 8/17/2021  
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Hossam alaa  Hello . I would like to buy this sampler but iam not sure Wich picture include the real cigars
Posted 8/8/2021   
  •  The first picture you see, uploaded by Neptune Cigar, is the image of the current sampler.
    Replied 8/12/2021  
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Andrew  Does this sampler pack vary or does it come with the exact same cigars as stated? A photo a customer took showed a completely different assortment.
Posted 5/21/2021   
  •  Hi, Andrew! The contents of the sampler may change. Currently, as of 5/24/2021, the sampler contains 1 each of: Cellar Reserve 15 Years, Cellar Reserve 18 Year, Gurkha Real, Cellar Reserve 15 Year 10th Anniversary and 2 Cellar Reserve 21 Year.
    Replied 5/24/2021  
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Marius  Sorry, I wanted to ask if this Gurkha sampler is available only between 12-14 January?
Posted 1/9/2019   
  •  The date you see above is when we expect to ship should you place a backorder for this sampler.
    Replied 1/9/2019  
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Antonio  Is this bag Humidified? If so how long would you say the shelf life is before the cigars dry out?
Posted 4/21/2018   
  •  Upon opening, you should be able to store the cigars safely for 30-60 days.
    Replied 4/23/2018  
  • Anonymous  Thank you!
    Replied 4/23/2018  
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