La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull

La Flor Dominicana has unleashed a beast with the mighty Andalusian Bull. Named as a respectful nod to his home country of Spain, brand owner Litto Gomez and family have produced one of their most ambitious and impressive offerings yet. Winning the #1 spot in Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 of 2016, the Andalusian Bull has been immediately placed into the echelon of must-try cigars. Wrapped in a gorgeous reddish-brown Ecuadorian Corojo leaf and utilizing top-shelf Dominican tobacco for the binder and filler, this full-bodied cigar will charge your palate with strong notes of leather, earth, saffron, and caramel. Experience the thrill of bonding with one of the most magnificent specimens to ever enter the arena.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    Ecuadorian Corojo
  • Binder
    Dominican Republic
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    La Flor Dominicana
Pyramid , Full, Natural, from Dominican Republic
La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull 61/2 * 64
Box of 10$188.00
Limit of 3 Singles Per Customer, No Boxes for Sale
Limit of 3 Singles Per Customer, No Boxes for Sale
Questions & Answers
Bud C  When are these expected be back in stock in 2024?
Posted 1/3/2024   
  •  We do not have an ETA for this cigars but if you use the "email me when available" option you will be notified as soon as they are back in stock.
    Replied 1/4/2024  
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Calvin Kavanaugh  When will this be back in stock?
Posted 7/6/2023   
  •  There is no manufacturer provided date of arrival for this rare cigar. Click on "email me when available" to receive an alert when it lands.
    Replied 7/7/2023  
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Ugonna  Are you aware of an estimated time of arrival for this cigar? If so, please share. I have already been added to the wait list. Thanks.
Posted 1/18/2023   
  •  Unfortunately we do not have an expected ETA for this product.
    Replied 1/19/2023  
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Juan pablo Galguera roel  Do you send boxes to mexico ?
Posted 12/21/2022   
  •  Unfortunately we do not ship to Mexico.
    Replied 12/22/2022  
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greg s  I have one Andalusian Bull that has rested over a year. I was told by a local dealer that the stick does not age well and that I should consider smoking it soon. I want to save it until I can get more. Any comments?
Posted 12/7/2022   
  •  If the conditions you are storing them in are proper, it should be able to be stored for longer than a year without any problems. Please do note that sometimes flavors do mellow out with age.
    Replied 12/8/2022  
  • Christopher W  Your dealer is full of it. These are some of the best cigars for aging. 3-5 years is preferable, keep your single tucked away until then and hopefully we can all pick up more!
    Replied 1/27/2023  
  • Christopher Caska  If you can wait 5 years and it will be the best cigar you have ever had
    Replied 7/24/2023  
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Kyungtae Kim  Is it only 3 orders per day? Can I order 3 pieces?
Posted 5/17/2022   
  •  The Andalusian Bull is limited to three per customer.
    Replied 5/18/2022  
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Harvey Wigfall  Anything comparable
Posted 12/15/2021   
  •  You may want to try this one:
    Replied 12/16/2021  
  • gregory [email protected]  try the lfd 25th anniversary, very close to the bull i think
    Replied 12/8/2022  
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Anthony  When are you going to get these in stock?
Posted 4/11/2021   
  •  Unfortunately we do not have an ETA on these. Please feel free to click on 'email me when available' to receive notification when they return.
    Replied 4/12/2021  
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David  When will these Andalusian Bul restock?
Posted 9/10/2019   
  • Anonymous  Unfortunately we are not sure when this cigar will be back in stock. However, if you click the button that says "email me when available" located next to this product, we will notify you as soon as they return.
    Replied 9/10/2019  
  • Anonymous  Zx
    Replied 10/4/2019  
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Anonymous  When will this be back in stock ?
Posted Yesterday   
  •  We were lucky to receive some not too long ago, unfortunately they do not last very long and LFD does not tell us when more will be available. Please click on the "email me when available" button to get notified when they are back in stock.
    Replied 6/24/2019  
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Anonymous  Are you selling boxes?
Posted 6/3/2019   
  •  No, due to high demand there is a limit of 3 singles per customer.
    Replied 6/4/2019  
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Roger  What cigar is closet laflor Dominican Andalusian bull
Posted 2/16/2019   
  •  If you enjoy the Andalusian Bull, we think you may also enjoy the Davidoff Escurio and the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2007.
    Replied 2/18/2019  
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Luis  hola aun siguen fabricando este cigarro?
Posted 8/24/2018   
  •  Yes, this cigar is still in production but currently out of stock.
    Replied 8/24/2018  
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Jordan Whitehouse  When will you guys have the Andalusian Bull back?
Posted 6/25/2018   
  •  We're unsure at this time, Jordan. Be sure to add yourself to the waiting list so that you can receive email notification when they do land.
    Replied 6/25/2018  
  • (optional)
Dan  Are these already out of stock?
Posted 4/28/2018   
  •  Yes, unfortunately. Due to the high demand and limited production, their lifespan on our shelves is very short.
    Replied 4/30/2018  
  • (optional)
Steve   Just got email saying singles in stock, check website and out of stock. Do you have them?
Posted 4/28/2018   
  •  Hi Steve, due to the high demand of this cigar, they sold out 30 minutes to an hour after the waiting list email was sent.
    Replied 4/30/2018  
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Dennis Auzenne  Hi, do you accept prepayments on back order cigars like A Bull?
Posted 4/7/2018   
  •  Becuase we do not know when this cigar will arrive, pre-payment is not accepted. Be sure to add your email address to the waiting list so that you can order when the product arrives.
    Replied 4/9/2018  
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Zouhaib  is this available. My family is travelling and i want to order
Posted 2/13/2018   
  •  This cigar is currently out of stock.
    Replied 2/13/2018  
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Anonymous  hi have you got La Flor Dominicana Andalusin Bull in stock
Posted 12/7/2017   
  •  Not at this time. Be sure to click on "email me when available" so you are the first to know when they arrive.
    Replied 12/7/2017  
  • (optional)
Jake   Will these ever restock? I really wanna try one
Posted 9/22/2017   
  •  Yes, definitely. Unfortunately, we have no arrival date available at this time.
    Replied 9/22/2017  
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Haitham Doraidy  Have you ever shipped Cigars to Saudi Arabia and arrived with no issues by Gov. ??
Posted 6/15/2017   
  •  Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Saudi Arabia.
    Replied 6/16/2017  
  • (optional)
Anonymous  Why you don't ship to Canada?
Posted 2/22/2017   
  •  Please give us a call at 1-800-655-3385 to inquire about shipping to Canada.
    Replied 2/23/2017  
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good flavor
full bodied
bad burn
good construction
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