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Christian Eiroa wowed the cigar world last year with the release of his First 20 Years line, and now he has added another iterati ...
Price/Single: $11.75-$11.75
Price/Box: $221.95-$221.95
In the category of affordable premium cigars, El Rey del Mundo is one cigar that we get requests from quite often. The brand name ...
Price/Single: $5.35-$6.80
Price/Box: $75.95-$99.95
Enclave, a cigar introduced by AJ Fernandez in 2015, is a Nicaraguan cigar made with a Cameroon binder, Nicaraguan Piloto Cubano ...
Price/Single: $6.45-$6.85
Price/Box: $115.95-$122.95
After the spectacular success of the original Enclave, AJ Fernandez has now turned to the dark side. Introducing the Enclave Broa ...
Price/Single: $8.07-$9.05
Price/Box: $153.00-$171.00
Part of EP Carrillo's 'Classic' series, this beautifully dark maduro is not only reserved for nightfall, but rather, any time you ...
Price/Single: $6.80-$9.10
Price/Box: $127.95-$171.95
EP Carrillo decided to make in 2013 a cigar that is unique in its portfolio, searching for inspiration the energy drinks market. ...
Price/Box: $139.95-$139.95
Every year, EP Carrillo releases an limited edition cigar in addition to their popular Short Run series. Traditionally, each limi ...
Price/Single: $10.00-$10.00
Price/Box: $89.95-$89.95
EP Carrillo Elencos was first released by Ernesto Carrillo as a limited edition cigar in 2010. Available in 3 sizes, these Domini ...
Price/Single: $7.85-$8.80
Price/Box: $148.95-$166.50
EP Carrillo Seleccion Oscuro is on the 2016 Top 25 Cigar of the Year list. It’s dark and imposing, but don’t let that scare you. ...
Price/Single: $7.05-$7.80
Price/Box: $161.99-$177.99
EP Carrillo's Inch Maduro Series is a limited production of less than 125,000 cigars in three different vitolas. The Inch Maduro ...
Price/Single: $7.00-$10.80
Price/Box: $157.95-$244.95
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