Highclere Castle Senetjer

The Highclere Castle Senetjer cigar was crafted to celebrate the discovery of the ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun’s tomb, which was discovered a century ago. Lord Carnarvon, who was the fifth Earl of Carnarvon and resided in Highclere Castle, funded the expedition, which was led by the Archaeologist Howard Carter. The cigar features a mouthwatering Ecuadorian Habano Colorado wrapper that is expertly draped over a Brazilian Mata Fina binder and filler tobaccos of an undisclosed origins. The filler tobaccos for the Senetjer have been aged for three years. Once rolled, the cigars are placed in a highly collectible box that is an exact reproduction of one of the storage boxes that was found in the King’s tomb. The cigar box is adorned with ancient hieroglyphics that when translated means Highclere Castle. The Senetjer cigar is named after the ancient Egyptian word for incense or “of the gods.” The cigars are handmade at AJ Fernandez’s Tabacalera Fernandez factory in Nicaragua.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder
    Brazil Mata Fina
  • Filler
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    AJ Fernandez
Perfecto, Full, Colorado, from Nicaragua
Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 63/4 * 52
Box of 12$396.00
Sold Out
Questions & Answers
Kenneth Baker  Did I miss the second release?
Posted 1/1/2024   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  I believe so, Kenneth. We received the latest shipment of this cigar in November and it sold out that same month.
    Replied 1/3/2024  
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Douglas Berry  highclere senetjer cigars for sale
Posted 11/12/2023   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  We are expecting the new release in the not so distant future. Please stand by!
    Replied 11/13/2023  
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Stas  Will you have them for sale when the second release comes out?
Posted 11/3/2023   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Yes, we are expecting to get some of the 2nd release.
    Replied 11/7/2023  
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Don Dawson  can you notify me when a box is available?
Posted 1/5/2023   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Unfortunately there is no email option for this cigar.
    Replied 1/6/2023  
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Ben Lees  did these all sell out that quickly?
Posted 11/28/2022   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  We have not received them yet. Please feel free to click on 'email me when available' to be notified when they arrive. Cheers.
    Replied 11/29/2022  
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9 reviews
Rated 4.5by 52 Aficionados
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Rhone08/20/2023About: Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 6"3/4 * 52
Meh. Beautiful appearance and solid construction. Wasn’t wowed by the flavor. First third was nice, second third was ok, and final third was flat. I expect more from a $30+ stick
Ben J.01/22/2023About: Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 6"3/4 * 52
Initial flavors were pepper and earth. There is a complex sweetness with a musk. I didn't really pick up huge transitions, but the spice did die down in the 2nd third only to pick back up in the last. The aroma was wonderful sweet tobacco all the way through. I was hoping for more on the flavor side, but this was extremely interesting. I'll let my second one sit for a few months and hopefully the flavors enhance.
Max M.01/18/2023About: Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 6"3/4 * 52
Pricey, but it's clear why. A nice special occasion stick
Kevin D.01/17/2023About: Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 6"3/4 * 52
Cigar was good. However it wasn’t my favorite Highclere Castle. I prefer the Victorian. Still a great smoke.
Patrick01/06/2023About: Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 6"3/4 * 52
great to try one, probably wouldn't buy more
Matthew C.01/06/2023About: Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 6"3/4 * 52
Disappointed. I can understand the price if you’re getting the cool box, but for a single stick, it’s not worth this price tag.
Mike A.12/19/2022About: Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 6"3/4 * 52
Another home run from Foundation. Very high end cigar that's worth the price.
Francisco T.12/16/2022About: Highclere Castle Senetjer Perfecto 6"3/4 * 52
The mata fina is simply mouthwatering, gonna let my other rest. This is worth it.