AVO Improvisation

Each year, Avo Uvezian launches a new limited edition cigar to celebrate his years in the cigar business or his birthday. The production are limited from 2000 to 10,000 boxes and the cigars are usually a masterpiece of their kind. Avo Uvezian is an accomplished musician and pianist who has been composing cigars since 1987.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
  • Binder
    Dominican Republic
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Davidoff Group
Churchill, Medium, Natural, from Dominican Republic
Avo Improvisation 30 Years LE 71/2 * 50
Box of 25$400.00$359.95
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Toro, Full, Natural, from Dominican Republic
Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2017 6 * 60
Box of 16$288.00
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7 reviews
How reviewers describe AVO Improvisation
good burn
good flavor
good construction
even burn
Rated 4.17by 238 Aficionados
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About: Avo Improvisation 30 Years LE 7"1/2 * 50
For the price and special occasion for this release I was expecting a lot more than this. This is a good mid-level cigar but it doesn't come close to approaching greatness, and you'd serve yourself better buying something like the Avo 4-pack sampler if you want a better picture of what Avo can produce. Wouldn't buy again.
About: Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2017 6" * 60
Although I am a dedicated Padron connoisseur, I truly enjoyed this premium cigar and have added it to my top ten rotations. Very smooth and enjoyable smoke framed around different tobaccos, delivering complex and intense palate stimulation with a perfect balance.
About: Avo Improvisation 30 Years LE 7"1/2 * 50
This time around I chose to review a Double Corona, the AVO 30 Years Improvisation. The AVO 30 Years uses a Dominican blend highlighted by a light Ecuadorian Marron wrapper. The cigar is dressed with a combination of two rings. The primary band uses a style similar to what has been seen on previous AVO releases while the second band is a ring that is being used across all of the releases that are a part of the AVO 30th series. The band has an antique white color with an orange pinstripe along the lower edge. Using a v-cutter, I started my pre-light draw ritual, and after a couple of pulls, I found that the cold draw delivered a mix of cedar, cream, and, to my surprise, some citrus notes. At this point, I was ready to light up and await what the enjoyment phase would have in store. The AVO 30 Years Improvisation opened up with notes of cream, cedar, classic, and some black pepper (which was not apparent during my cold draw). It didn’t take long for the citrus notes to move to the forefront as the cedar, cream and pepper notes lingered in the background. I do want to add that there was a nice sweetness to the citrus that was not overpowering. During the transition from the 1st third to the 2nd third, the cedar notes moved into the forefront as the citrus began to change and move to more of an orange rind flavor. By the end of the 2nd third, the orange rind, cedar notes were sharing the limelight, and were complemented by the pepper, and cream notes in the background. The flavor profile didn’t radically change in the last third. For the most part, the orange rind and cedar notes remained on the forefront. There was a slight increase in pepper during the latter part of this stage and this is how the AVO 30 Years Improvisation closed out. The draw leaned slightly towards the open side and the cigar maintained a straight burn path from start to finish with zero need for the occasional touch-up. Overall, I was really surprised by the AVO 30th Improvisation Limited Edition. It is a medium bodied cigar, that it is full flavored with some unique notes as well. It serves the legacy of AVO and it is a definitely must have for fans of the brand.1
About: Avo Improvisation 30 Years LE 7"1/2 * 50
First Avo I have ever had. Extremely pleased and impressed.
About: Avo Improvisation Limited Edition 2017 6" * 60
Never tried AVO before, sure glad I did! Fantastic smoke!