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Like Avo Uvezian, the famous jazz musician who this cigar is named after, AVO Cigars is always coming up with new and fresh arrangements to impress its fans. The AVO Regional East Edition is the first time that AVO has created a regional edition. A medium-strength premium cigar, the East Edition is composed of an Ecuadorian wrapper, a binder from the Dominican Republic, and a specially blended filler made of the finest tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The AVO Regional East Edition is handmade in the Dominican Republic at the Cigars Davidoff factory. Only 2,500 boxes of 10 cigars of the AVO Regional East Edition cigars were made so order yours today.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
  • Binder
    Dominican Republic
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Davidoff Group
Perfecto, Medium, Natural, from Dominican Republic
AVO Regional East Edition Perfecto 6 * 53
Box of 10$110.00
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Ships 01/23 - 01/24
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  • NeptuneCigar.com  Yes we do. Please copy and paste this URL to view our International Shipping Policy: https://www.neptunecigar.com/tips/international-shipping-policy
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4 reviews
Rated 3.56by 18 Aficionados
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About: AVO Regional East Edition Perfecto 6" * 53
Saw this as a staff pick and decided to try one. Arrived with the wrapper cracked at the foot. The head was basically plugged and had to be opened to get any draw. Had an interesting flavor profile that I liked but the burn was erratic. Had to put it down at the halfway point when it became nearly impossible to keep lit and the wrapper started to crack and flake off. Easily one of the worst cigars I've ever purchased anywhere.
About: AVO Regional East Edition Perfecto 6" * 53
The Avo East is a beautiful long perfecto vitola which catches immediate attention. The cigar has an Ecuadorian wrapper with both Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. Upon first light, you are hit with cedar notes followed by some vanilla creaminess and also some spicy notes. The spicy notes tend to take over by the end of the first third. Into the second third, the strength is a medium body smoke. The flavors are mostly the same-- lacking in complexity but still very enjoyable. Construction is perfect at this point and problem free. Into the final third, the notes stay predominantly the same--spicy, cedar, and leather. This cigar ended up to be medium to full in strength. It gives off a very good amount of smoke, so over the course of this perfecto it made for a very relaxing smoke!! You will experience it all -- sweetness, spiciness, creaminess, coffee, caramel and cedar. Enjoy!
About: AVO Regional East Edition Perfecto 6" * 53
Great cigar, I highly recommend!
About: AVO Regional East Edition Perfecto 6" * 53
A good mild to medium smoke that is incredibly well balanced. Focuses on leather and floral notes.