Te Amo Maduro

A very popular brand introduced in 1964 by the Turrent family in Mexico's famous San Andres Tuxtla Valley. It is often called the King of Mexican Cigars.
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    Altadis USA
Churchill, Medium, Maduro, from Mexico
Te Amo Maduro Churchill 71/2 * 50
Box of 25$169.75
In Stock
Ships 09/16
Robusto, Medium, Maduro, from Mexico
Te Amo Maduro Robusto 51/2 * 54
Box of 25$141.75
Ships 09/19 - 09/21
Questions & Answers
J. Drew Deeley  Can you get the Te Amo toros as I have a friend who likes a milder blend.
Posted 10/31/2018   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Yes, we can! Call or email to place your special order.
    Replied 11/1/2018  
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Michelle  Do you ship to the uk?
Posted 4/22/2018   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Yes, we do!
    Replied 4/23/2018  
  • Anonymous  How much is the shipping please
    Replied 4/23/2018  
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Shipping to the UK will be about $44 with USPS Global Priority Mail.
    Replied 4/23/2018  
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jimmy hunter  ................te amo maduro perfectos?..............miss 'em......
Posted 9/4/2017   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  We're sorry! The only sizes currently produced under this line are: Churchill, Robusto, and Toro.
    Replied 9/5/2017  
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Richard  Who is selling Te-Amo magnificos rare aged maduro cigars. Have not seen them for years
Posted 2/24/2016   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  This cigar appears to have been discontinued by the manufacturer.
    Replied 2/25/2016  
  • Anonymous  not jumping on the band wagon but............te amo perfecto.............same story?
    Replied 9/4/2017  
  • NeptuneCigar.com  The only sizes currently produced under this line are: Churchill, Robusto, and Toro.
    Replied 9/5/2017  
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3 reviews
Rated 3.33by 12 Aficionados
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About: Te Amo Maduro Robusto 5"1/2 * 54
In my never ending search for the perfect everyday smoke I purchased a box. The appearance is solid and so is the feel in the hand. Te Amo uses the same band is has for decades and it nicely compliments the stick. You are not paying for artwork here but at $4 would you expect to? The only other review highlights licorice and solid chocolate and this was my experience as well with the black licorice being dominant. The two tastes compliment and never fight each. IMHO this cigar only lacks an earthy/composty element to rank higher. Perhaps the best aspect here is consistency of taste and this owes to the fact all the tobacco is from the San Andres region in Mexico. Consistency is often the single biggest issue with cigars in this price range and Te Amo delivers magnificently in this regard. The perfect accompaniment for me here is a stout coffee or espresso. Te Amo has remained true to their craft for decades and bravo to them for that. They deserve our support if you are a true aficionado. The Black Licorice taste my not be for everyone and that force is strong with this one. For that reason I give it a 90 but is there better at $4 per?... I am not sure there is.
About: Te Amo Maduro Robusto 5"1/2 * 54
A heavyweight contender in the bold flavor division, this Maduro rated as "medium" starts off in chocolate and bulldozes into licorice before lightening up (a little) to consistent strength. Great value!
About: Te Amo Maduro Churchill 7"1/2 * 50
Great cigar and great service!