Punch Aniversario

The Punch Aniversario is a limited-edition premium cigar that marks this historic brand’s 180th anniversary. Since 1840, Punch has been surprising and pleasing cigar aficionados by seeking the finest tobaccos and using unique blending methods. The Punch Aniversario not only celebrates its rich past but opens the gates to the future of a what a great cigar can and should be. Its filler of Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan, and Honduran tobaccos is sheathed by an aged-in-cedar USA Connecticut Broadleaf binder and wrapper to create a flavorful medium-bodied smoking experience. The Punch Aniversario is handmade in Honduras.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Binder
    USA Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    General Cigars/ST Group
Double Corona, Medium, Maduro, from Honduras
Punch Aniversario Double Corona 71/4 * 54
Box of 10$149.90
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Questions & Answers
Derrick allen   Email when u have the punch anniversaries double Corona in stock.
Posted 2/13/2024   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Unfortunately this cigar does not have an email list. Its best to check the website periodically.
    Replied 2/14/2024  
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Disgruntled  So I signed up for email notification when the punch becomes available for purchase. Is this going to go along the same lines as the tatuaje the frank and sell out in an hour of being listed without all the emails notifications going out? Just wondering if I'm going to get hosed again by a crappy email notification system you use.
Posted 10/26/2021   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Items in high demand like the Frank do sell out fast and we're sorry this has caused you frustration. It can be hard to predict how long an item will remain available for purchase online when supply is limited. You will get an email alert as soon as the Aniversario Double Corona has landed. Feel free to call us at 1-800-655-3385 if you need any assistance ordering.
    Replied 10/27/2021  
  • Disgruntled  An email alert like the one I was "supposed" to get for the Frank that I didn't get. Here's a novel idea. Maybe send an email out saying at such time and date the item you are wanting to buy will be listed for sale so be prepared. Not list the item for sale and then send the emails (or some of them) out.
    Replied 10/27/2021  
  • NeptuneCigar.com  The information you would like is not always available to the retailer. For these limited releases, we wait for them just like you in anticipation and while we may know a general arrival time frame(not always), the manufacturer does not provide us with a specific date. The Frank was very limited in supply and only those first on the wait list were notified to prevent people from receiving an alert that they had arrived only to find they sold out. Again, we're truly sorry you were not able to get your hands on that limited release cigar. There are many others in the same boat.
    Replied 10/28/2021  
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SB  Do you have young update when these may be available online? Thanks
Posted 9/10/2021   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  We do not have a concrete ETA just yet. Please click on 'email me when available' to be notified when they are back in stock
    Replied 9/11/2021  
  • SB  Hello any updates for the arrival date?
    Replied 10/1/2021  
  • NeptuneCigar.com  Still no ETA available, but if you submitted your email for notification, we will not forget about you when they do arrive.
    Replied 10/2/2021  
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Andrew Bentley  Are these available for back order? Thank you!
Posted 8/5/2021   
  • NeptuneCigar.com  We expect to receive these soon, but a concrete ETA is unavailable, and we are not taking reservations at this time. Please click on 'email me when available' to be notified as soon as we receive this product.
    Replied 8/5/2021  
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3 reviews
How reviewers describe Punch Aniversario
full bodied
Rated 4.12by 25 Aficionados
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Duy T.12/10/2021About: Punch Aniversario Double Corona 7"1/4 * 54
What a beautiful box cigar! In my opinion, this cigar has a good structure, amazing aroma and it has a little bit sweet in the end
Jon P.12/01/2021About: Punch Aniversario Double Corona 7"1/4 * 54
In my opinion, this is the best Punch I’ve ever smoked, and I like almost all of them (my favorites being the Diablo, Signature, and both Grand Puros—Nicaraguan and Honduran, for comparison). It would be fantastic if Punch would bring this blend into their permanent collection. It’s not only my favorite Punch, it’s one of my favorites of all brands.
Tony B.12/01/2021About: Punch Aniversario Double Corona 7"1/4 * 54
Fantastic looking box of cigars , I’ve found them a great smoke. If you can get a box or two treat yourself you won’t be disappointed