Diesel Crucible

The Diesel Crucible is a premium cigar brand crafted by master blender AJ Fernandez. Its Ecuadorian wrapper made of rare Medio Tiempo leaves covers a Honduran binder and a filler made of tobacco from Condega and AJ’s Los Cedros farm in Esetli, Nicaragua and a third filler of undisclosed origin. It is a full-bodied and flavorful smoke. Hand-crafted in Nicaragua, the Diesel Crucible is a limited release cigar only 1,000 boxes of 12 cigars per box were made.
  • Cigar Origin
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
    Colorado Maduro
  • Wrapper
    Ecuadorian Habano
  • Binder
    Nicaraguan Esteli
  • Filler
    Habano Jalapa
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    AJ Fernandez
Toro, Full, Colorado Maduro, from Nicaragua
Diesel Crucible Toro 6 * 50
Box of 10$100.00
In Stock
Ships 10/25
In Stock
Ships 10/25
Questions & Answers
8 reviews
Rated 4.24by 25 Aficionados
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Lewis D.07/28/2021About: Diesel Crucible Toro 6" * 50
Strong and has a good amount of spice but it lacks some refinement.
Michael C.06/21/2021About: Diesel Crucible Toro 6" * 50
Another outstanding AJ Diesel stick. Spicy yet approachable.
Adam G.06/19/2021About: Diesel Crucible Toro 6" * 50
Diesel is new to me, definitely worth a try, very enjoyable!
Eduard N.06/13/2021About: Diesel Crucible Toro 6" * 50
Great cigar. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Kevin T.06/07/2021About: Diesel Crucible Toro 6" * 50
My new favorite out of the diesel line up.
Paige Augusti05/28/2021About: Diesel Crucible Toro 6" * 50
So good, I bought another box. Diesel has knocked it out of the park. I would consider this to be a medium smoke. Very tasty and well constructed. Cigar Hacks reviewed this at a 92.
Howard D.05/25/2021About: Diesel Crucible Toro 6" * 50
I ordered a box of these since I had already tried the other 2 of the trio. For my palate, this was the smoothest and best out of the hair of the dog and delirium. For me, the first part was notes of leather followed by coffee notes that seemed ever so slightly sweet like a creamer added to coffee. I did not get any spice yet but i have 9 left to try!
Mori D.05/22/2021About: Diesel Crucible Toro 6" * 50
It’s a decent smoke but I was hoping for a little more. Average as far as diesel’s lineup goes.