Cigar Oasis Excel Electronic Cigar Humidifier

Cigar Oasis Excel Electronic Cigar Humidifier
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Cigar Oasis Excel Electronic Cigar Humidifier
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Questions & Answers
Louis  How do I order the battery pack with the excel? There doesn’t appear to be any listing on the site.
Posted 9/18/2018   
  •  Cigar Oasis has discontinued production of the battery pack accessory.
    Replied 9/19/2018  
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Jake   When will the Wi-Fi module be available?
Posted 9/16/2018   
  •  Cigar Oasis is releasing a 3.0 model this fall which will include wi-fi tehcnology, eliminating the need for a separate wi-fi accessory.
    Replied 9/17/2018  
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Anonymous  When will the wi-Fi module be available?
Posted 9/14/2018   
  •  Cigar Oasis is releasing a 3.0 version of their humidifiers this fall which include wi-fi technology, eliminating the need for the optional wi-fi device.
    Replied 9/17/2018  
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Jake  Does the Excel need to be calibrated?
Posted 9/13/2018   
  •  The Cigar Oasis comes pre-calibrated, but you can re-calibrate it if necessary. Visit their YouTube page for video instructions on how to do so.
    Replied 9/14/2018  
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Louis  Can you refil the reservoir yourself or do you need to get a replacement resivoir every time?
Posted 9/12/2018   
  •  You can refill 1-2 times before you need to replace the entire cartridge.
    Replied 9/12/2018  
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Richard Shaddinger  Do you sell the Wi-Fi add-on?
Posted 6/2/2018   
  •  Yes, but the Wi-Fi module is not available at this moment. Cigar Oasis plans to relaunch it in July/August 2018.
    Replied 6/2/2018  
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Morris  I have a whynter cigar humidor it holds 250 cigars 1.2 cubic feet I am looking to purchase a oasis humidifier which one would work best for me please help
Posted 10/8/2017   
  •  For a humidor that holds 250 cigars, the Excel unit would be the proper Oasis to choose.
    Replied 10/9/2017  
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Leonard  i am in the process of building a humidor, the exterior cabinet is made of white spruce, the entire interior will be lined with 1/4" Spanish cedar, the volume is 3.25 cubic feet. it seems that this humidifier meets the spec. my question is what is the ribbon cable for? also it states Micro-USB connections, and WiFi capability. please explain how this feature works, and any other hardware i will need to use this feature, thanks for your help and advice, Leonard
Posted 7/17/2017   
  •  Hi Leonard. The Excel unit is the correct match for your size humidor. The Micro-USB connections are use to plug the unit in for power. The ribbon cable is needed if you want to run the unit on electricity. If you would like to run the Excel on battery, the Excel Starter Kit with Battery Pack is sold separately. This unit is also Wi-Fi capable. The Cigar Oasis Wi-Fi Module is availble for purchase. It allows you to monitor your humidor from anywhere online or with an IOS/Android app.
    Replied 7/18/2017  
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Marvin Paschal  I have a cooledor . Would this work in a cooledor? There are boxes in cooledor.
Posted 1/10/2017   
  •  Depending on the size of your cooledor, this hudmidifier would be an option.
    Replied 1/10/2017  
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Kyle  Is this recommended for a desktop cigar humidor or is it too large?
Posted 1/6/2017   
  •  Hi Kyle, it depends on the size of your humidor. If your humidor has a capacity of around 100 cigars, you'll want to go for the Oasis Ultra 2.0 model. If your humidor capacity is between 100 and 300, then the Excel is the right choice.
    Replied 1/6/2017  
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Cigar Oasis Excel electronic humidifier measures and controls the humidity in personal size cigar humidors up to 300 cigar capacity (4 cu. ft.) over long periods of time. Guaranteed to keep your cigars always fresh! Totally unattended, reliable operation, built-in hygrometer, built-in filtration and mold retardant. Water cartridge could last 6 months up to 1 year. Maintains the humidity at 70% or user adjustable humidity. Flat ribbon cable slips through back or side of humidor or AA batteries. Size: 2" x 3.5" x 6". Color: Black and Gray.  Rechargeable battery attachment sold separately. Features Micro-USB connections and WiFi Capability.

  • External Dimension
    2" W x 3.5" H x 6"L
  • Humidifier Capacity
  • Humidifier Brand
    Cigar Oasis
  • Mounting Accessory
  • Humidifier Material
  • Humidifier Power Source
  • Humidifier Integrated Hygrometer
  • Humidifier Maintenance Free
  • Humidifier Recommended Water
    Distilled Water
  • UPC
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