Trinidad Lost Blends

Trinidad Lost Blends are very limited cigars due to the fact that they were unique vintage blends that had been aging in their factory's "Cedar Room" for a very long time. Once they are gone, they are gone. The wrapper is a Vintage Java Island Shade-grown, binder is Dominican Olor and fillers are a blend of Vintage Dominican Olor, Vintage Dominican Piloto and Vintage American Connecticut Broadleaf.
  • Cigar Origin
    Dominican Republic
  • Strength
  • Wrapper Color
  • Wrapper
  • Binder
    Dominican Republic Olor
  • Filler
    Dominican Republic
    USA Broadleaf
  • Rolled by
  • Manufacturer
    Altadis USA
Perfecto, Medium, Natural, from Dominican Republic
Trinidad Lost Blends Belicoso 61/8 * 54
Perfecto, Medium, Natural, from Dominican Republic
Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 53/4 * 52
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Questions & Answers
Maen Kassab  Is this cigar available in ring gauge 64 ?
Posted 9/29/2017   
  •  It is only available in the 52 ring gauge.
    Replied 10/1/2017  
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Jay Lemieux  Does the box pictured have the ablily to be a humidor, or do you have to take all of TTT's out and put them in another humidor? Thanks!
Posted 6/3/2017   
  •  It could be a humidor, but you may need to do something extra to make sure it seals properly.
    Replied 6/5/2017  
  • (optional)
Trinidad Dominguez  Is this box included?
Posted 3/30/2017   
  •  When you purchase the box, the cigars come in the packaging you see pictured.
    Replied 3/30/2017  
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9 reviews
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About: Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 5"3/4 * 52
Great draw for a non Cuban. Pleasant mild taste with a nice white ash with an even burn. A rest, and aging period of 6 months for a new box in a fully aged Humidor is highly recommended in order to appreciate the tangy mellow taste, and aromas produced by this cigar.
About: Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 5"3/4 * 52
It begins with grassy and a little bitty taste. In the middle, it carries with some sweat and liquorice taste. the vitola finishes with a strong tobacco and nutty notes.
About: Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 5"3/4 * 52
This was a nice cigar, the draw was really tight but I was able to fix it. I thought it was going to be better than it was but sometimes that happens. Overall it had good flavor, burned well. I probably won't buy another but it was worth trying out.
About: Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 5"3/4 * 52
A really nice experience to brighten my day!
About: Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 5"3/4 * 52
The one I got was unsmokable. The draw was super tight.
About: Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 5"3/4 * 52
Slow burning cut both ends and enjoy the wonderful smoke of Trinidad
About: Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 5"3/4 * 52
Wow is this a great smoke.
About: Trinidad Lost Blends Salomon 5"3/4 * 52
Besides the beautiful presentation,curiosity was the main reason to try this stick. The name reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie from the eighties and for me that means adventure, the excitement of the unknown... A perfecto shape and a Indonesian wrapper, two of my favorites things, are being combined to create a unique cigar. First puff and it's all nutty and leathery with some pepper in the back, the draw is a little tight at the beginning but since I didn't cut the foot of the cigar it is perfectly normal and it opens up a few puffs later. The second half or the second third (I'm not sure about the right term) is more about earthy and coffee flavors with some sweetness. One can feel there's some spice on it but at the same time there's a lack of the pepper it had at the beginning and feels like a completely different smoke. The strength goes from medium to medium plus near the end. The Java wrapper and the Dominican Olor binder work very well together, adding some good vintage Dominican and Connecticut Broadleaf to the mixture results in a unique and pleasant smoke. Give yourself the right to be adventurous and try this stick, it's definitely worth to try.