Trinidad Lost Blends

Trinidad Lost Blends are very limited cigars due to the fact that they were unique vintage blends that had been aging in their factory's "Cedar Room" for a very long time. Once they are gone, they are gone. The wrapper is a Vintage Java Island Shade-grown, binder is Dominican Olor and fillers are a blend of Vintage Dominican Olor, Vintage Dominican Piloto and Vintage American Connecticut Broadleaf.
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Questions & Answers
Maen Kassab  Is this cigar available in ring gauge 64 ?
Posted 9/29/2017   
  •  It is only available in the 52 ring gauge.
    Replied 10/1/2017  
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Jay Lemieux  Does the box pictured have the ablily to be a humidor, or do you have to take all of TTT's out and put them in another humidor? Thanks!
Posted 6/3/2017   
  •  It could be a humidor, but you may need to do something extra to make sure it seals properly.
    Replied 6/5/2017  
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Trinidad Dominguez  Is this box included?
Posted 3/30/2017   
  •  When you purchase the box, the cigars come in the packaging you see pictured.
    Replied 3/30/2017  
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